Bounty Hi Protein Bar – 51g


Mars Bounty Protein Bar is a healthy protein bar that you should have on hand for a snack or a healthy snack between meals. It contains concentrated proteins and healthy carbohydrates that increase energy. It is an easy snack to eat and is quickly digested. Provides a portion of protein that is easily consumed.

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Mars Bounty Protein Bar is your ideal protein bar! Delicious flavor and nutrients in one product!

Bounty Protein Bar from Mars is an ideal bar to accompany a balanced meal plan. It has whey of great biological value and healthy carbohydrates.

It is a tasty snack that is easily digested, ideal for occasional eating in a controlled manner. It contributes with essential amino acids that should not be lacking in your body to rebuild your muscles and promote protein synthesis. This is also necessary to produce the fuel by which the body performs all of its daily activities. It reinforces your nutritional needs and offers a delicious snack that you can also consume if you are on a diet.

Proteins and carbohydrates are vital nutrients that should always be present in your diet. It is important that they come from healthy sources so that they do not contribute to weight gain. Those who practice sports have a greater need for these nutrients since their wear is much greater. Your daily diet does not always meet these requirements. Consequently you must take advantage of every available source to increase your vitality. Bounty Protein Bar by Mars makes it possible for you to satisfy the desire to consume a snack, while incorporating some of these important nutrients. It is a snack that you can always have at your fingertips.

The bars are also important in a healthy diet.They are intermediate meals that make it possible for the metabolism to speed up and help you reduce fat deposits. But the problem is that the fast pace of life in which we are immersed sometimes does not allow access to an intermediate meal that is also nutritious. It is something that is difficult to do if you spend many hours away from home. Bounty Protein Bar from Mars is a valid option for mid-morning snacks or meals. It's small, healthy and has a delicious flavor that you will love. You can always have it at your disposal, to consume it at any time.

Properties of Bounty Protein de Mars

  • Contains healthy protein and carbohydrates
  • It tastes delicious
  • Satisfies the desire to eat between meals

Mars Bounty Protein Bar is an exquisite protein bar that provides you with amino acids and healthy carbohydrates. Provide your body with high biological value whey protein. Enjoy a highly digestible snack that you can use for a snack or even to replace a meal. It is a snack that helps you to calm hunger between meals effectively. Take it everywhere to try something after exercising, for an impromptu snack or to enjoy its tasty taste and quality.

Recommended use: for snacks, collations, snacks and to tentatively replace a meal.


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