Bonus Protein Emergency Shot


Bonus Protein Emergency Shot from Big is an incredible and practical accessory with which you will always have an extra serving of any of your supplements. It has the perfect size to carry the right dose and without taking up too much space among your belongings. Train intensely and easily supplement anywhere.

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Big's Bonus Protein Emergency Shot is convenient, easy to use and can easily be taken along with your training gear. You will have an extra dose wherever you are!

Big's Bonus Protein Emergency Shot is an amazing accessory that you'll want to get right away. It has been exclusively designed to provide an extra dose of your favorite supplement.

If you need to consume more of your protein, carbohydrate or vitamin, which you may need at a critical moment in your exercise routine, now you have a practical way to have it at your disposal. This small jar has an accessible size, and an external support that allows you to hang it wherever you want. For example from your clothes, in the bag or in the backpack in which you carry your belongings. You can put what you need there, in the necessary amount, to facilitate its intake in the gym.

You will be able to stick to the right time to take your supplements, if you have Big Bonus Protein Emergency Shot. Many athletes find it annoying to carry boxes or containers that contain proteins, pre-workouts or multivitamins. That is why they appreciate the comfort that a practical accessory can provide them with, with which they can carry exactly the amount of product they need. It is important to know that you can keep it in view, thanks to its practical and safe hook that will allow you to quickly access its content. Otherwise you could waste time looking for it among your clothes inside your bag. It has a comfortable size and a secure closure, which prevents it from spilling in any way.

You will have essential supplements to replenish energy with Big Bonus Protein Emergency Shot. There are times when you need to boost your nutrients during a very demanding routine. It's a situation where you can't wait to get home, as you need to improve your exercise routine at that time. It is for these cases that the design of this accessory has been thought out. So that you immediately have what you need and so that you can prepare it quickly without delays of any kind. You can have powders, pills, tablets or capsules that can go perfectly inside, so you can consume them at any time.

Properties of Bonus Protein Emergency Shot from Big

  • Its dimensions are 7 x 5 x 7 cm.
  • It weighs 0.1kg.
  • It has a screw closure.
  • It comes with a practical hook to hang it from belts or bags.

Bonus Protein Emergency Shot from Big is a practical and very useful accessory that you should give a try. Keep an extra dose of your most important supplements or vitamins on hand. You can put the right dose inside, and carry it comfortably among your belongings, without taking up too much space. Do you know something easier to use?

Recommended use: to carry an extra dose of protein, pre-workout or vitamin in training gear.


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