Boldo 500mg – 100 Tablets


Boldo 500 mg from Sotya is a supplement with a 100% natural formula based on a concentrated extract of this plant with properties capable of helping to improve digestive health, avoiding heavy digestion, flatulence and gastritis. In addition, among its benefits is its effectiveness in improving liver function and health, thanks to its cholagogue properties, among others.

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  • Main characteristics of Boldo 500mg from Sotya Health Supplements
  • Format, composition and ingredients of Boldo 500mg
  • Why take Boldo 500mg from Sotya Health Supplements?
  • Recommended daily dose of Boldo 500mg
  • Boldo 500 mg from Sotya, a natural supplement that benefits your digestive process and helps maintain good liver health.

    Boldo is a plant recognized for its use in traditional medicine, thanks to its qualities and properties, for which it has been used to improve the digestive process naturally, helping to prevent gastritis, heavy digestion, flatulence, among others. In addition, its characteristics help improve liver and gallbladder function, stimulating the production of bile and preventing health problems in this important organ.

    Main features of the Boldo 500mg by Sotya Health Supplements

    • It is a supplement with a natural formula
    • It is a good tonic for the digestive system
    • Helps improve the digestion process
    • Helps prevent heavy digestion
    • Helps treat the effects of gastritis
    • Acts as an effective stomach protector
    • Relieves stomach discomfort
    • It is ideal to avoid and eliminate gases and flatulence
    • Prevents bloated belly
    • It can prevent the formation of calculi and stones in the gallbladder
    • Stimulates the production of bile
    • Contains antioxidant properties
    • Improves cellular health
    • Has anti-inflammatory properties
    • It has a protective action on the liver
    • It is ideal for after heavy meals
    • It has diuretic properties
    • Helps eliminate toxins in the liver
    • Improves the health and function of the liver and gallbladder
    • It has laxative properties
    • Promotes the elimination of fat from the body
    • It is an efficient liver cleanser

    Format, composition and ingredients of the Boldo 500mg

    Sotya Boldo 500 mg has been produced in tablet format, so that taking the recommended dose can be made easier and at the same time much more practical than with other types of formats. In addition, the tablets allow a greater number of components to be concentrated, helping to improve the healthy effects of its formula, so that the results can be seen in less time.

    Content per tablet

    • Provides 500 mg of powdered boldo leaf extract combined with standardized powdered boldo extract

    why take the Boldo 500mg by Sotya Health Supplements?

    With Boldo 500 mg from Sotya you can make your digestion healthier, while at the same time helping your liver to stay in optimal health conditions.

    • It is a natural supplement with good benefits for the digestive system and liver function
    • It is ideal for people who suffer from heavy digestion, flatulence or stomach problems.
    • Helps people with liver or gallbladder health problems

    Recommended daily dose of Boldo 500mg

    • As a food supplement, it is recommended to take 2 tablets of Boldo 500 mg from Sotya, preferably after each meal.
    • Take the recommended dose every day


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