Black Test – 90 Capsules


The Black Test from BiotechUSA is a food supplement made up of an extraordinary formula based on broccoli, beta-alanine, fenugreek, milk thistle, L-arginine, niacin and ZMB that allows you to naturally maintain and increase testosterone levels in the blood, boost energy, enhance nitric oxide production, and optimize muscle mass gains.

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  • What is the Biotech USA Black Test?
  • Ingredients and format of the Biotech USA Black Test
  • Why take the Biotech USA Black Test?
  • How to take the Black Test?
  • Black Test from BiotechUSA: Boost your energy and increase your muscle mass naturally with the best food supplement on the market!

    BiotechUSA's Black Test is an extraordinary food supplement made up of a mega dose of herbal extracts and amino acids that increases and maintains testosterone levels and contributes to energetic metabolic processes. On the other hand, it provides benefits to optimize mental health and improve physical performance.

    What is the Biotech USA Black Test?

    • Food supplement composed of a mega dose of 9 active ingredients that naturally enhance testosterone production.
    • Ideal to stimulate the production of nitric oxide.
    • It allows to optimize the increase in muscle mass.
    • Helps boost energy levels.
    • Improves appetite, mental health and physical performance.
    • It stimulates the production of carnosine.

    Ingredients and format Biotech USA Black Test

    The Black Test from BiotechUSA comes in a wonderful presentation in easily absorbed capsules composed of a mega formula based on amino acids and high-potency plant extracts, which provide multiple properties and benefits that help maintain the stability and well-being of the body. safe and natural way.

    Content per dose (3 capsules):

    • Contains 975 mg of fenugreek seed extract
    • Contains 225 mg of milk thistle extract
    • Contains 233 mg of broccoli extract
    • Contains 900 mg of beta-alanine.
    • Contains 682 mg of L-arginine.
    • Contains 132 mg of ZMB complex.
    • Contains 75 mg of magnesium and 5 mg of zinc.
    • Contains 1.5 mg of vitamin B6 and 7.5 mg of niacin.

    why take the Biotech USA Black Test?

    BiotechUSA, is a prestigious brand oriented to the development of natural products that allow to enhance the health and stability of the organism in a safe way, for this reason, it has designed the Black Test, a product based on herbal extracts and amino acids that helps maintain the normal levels of testosterone in the blood. The presence of zinc, vitamin B6, niacin, L-arginine and Beta-Alanine in the advanced formula of Black Test from BiotechUSA provide antioxidant properties and contribute positively to increasing physical performance, collaborating with a correct immune function, participating in the energy production, improve the development of muscle mass, promote appetite and protect mental health. On the other hand, fenugreek, milk thistle and broccoli lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, protect the liver, reduce possible bone diseases and raise carnosine levels, which is ideal for reducing muscle fatigue during high-intensity exercises. intensity.

    The Black Test from BiotechUSA is a highly recommended food supplement for all athletes, athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to boost their energy, increase muscle development and reduce fatigue to achieve extraordinary results during their physical training.

    How to take the Black Test?

    • As a food supplement, take 3 capsules.
    • Preferably consume 3 capsules before training and on rest days take 3 capsules in the morning.
    • Take one dose every day.


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