Black Garlic – 24 Vegetable Capsules


Drasanvi Black Garlic is a product that offers us all the benefits of black garlic, prepared in a traditional way, in capsules of vegetable origin that preserve all its antioxidant and antihypertensive properties, in addition to strengthening the cardiovascular and immune system, being a practical and easy way to consume it.

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Drasanvi Black Garlic, ideal for strengthening the immune system

Black garlic is a type of caramelized garlic, which is made by subjecting common garlic to the Maillard reaction, which is technically known as glycosylation or glycation, since the garlic is placed in a container and left there for weeks, while they are subjected to constant heat with a high percentage of humidity. Garlic leaves a characteristic black color and a particular flavor from this process.

This food is very popular in the food of the Far East (especially in Korean and Thai cuisine), which has spread throughout North America, Europe and the rest of the world. But, it should be noted that its use is not only for cooking, black garlic contains some interesting benefits for the health of the body, such as: Being a powerful antioxidant: It is rich in vitamin C, in addition to containing 5 times more polyphenols than common white garlic, thus helping to combat the action of free radicals, the main responsible for the premature aging of cells, avoiding all the consequences that this entails. Improves the health of the cardiovascular system: Thanks to Allicin and Ajoenos, it has vasodilator properties, improves blood circulation throughout the body, in addition to controlling cholesterol levels in the bloodstream and reducing blood pressure.Strengthens the immune system and has antimicrobial properties: Strengthens the immune system, making it more resistant to viruses and diseases, in addition, it has a bactericidal action, acting only against pathogenic bacteria found in the intestinal flora. Drasanvi Black Garlic brings us a concentrated extract of this type of garlic that has been produced following traditional methods, thus guaranteeing a product free of sugars, preservatives, colors or artificial additives. After it is produced, they are placed in capsules of plant origin to preserve all their nutrients and benefits.

Drasanvi Black Garlic Properties

  • Top quality ingredients are used.
  • Black Garlic elaborated in a traditional way.
  • Free of sugars, preservatives, colors or artificial additives.
  • It provides a good amount of antioxidants to the body.
  • Strengthens the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • Controls cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Easy dosage.
  • Attractive and practical presentation in soft capsules.

Drasanvi Black Garlic is ideal for those who love garlic and its black variety who want to enjoy all its benefits by simply taking a single softgel.

Recommended Use: Take one or two capsules a day with one of the main meals.


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