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Drasanvi's Birch Sugar (Superfoods) product is a great alternative to replace refined sugar from daily intake. It has many advantages, since it has 40% fewer calories and a very low glycemic index. In this way, the couple of drawbacks of conventional sugar are solved.

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Birch Sugar (Superfoods) from Drasanvi, 40% fewer calories than refined sugar

Drasanvi's Birch Sugar (Superfoods) product is an ideal food ingredient to replace sugar in the daily diet.

It is highly recommended because it tastes very similar to saccharin, except that it has 40% fewer calories. In this way, it is ideal for preventing overweight, since, as is known, calories tend to be converted into lipids when they are not used as an energy source immediately after consumption. To this is added another great virtue: the glycemic index of this birch sugar is close to the value of 7, which contrasts markedly with the index of 64 that contains the refined sugar that is sold in most supermarkets. This is a great advantage, since it is an ideal product for diabetics or patients who must keep their blood sugar under control. In this sense, it happens that it is perfect in diets designed to lose weight, while it is very easy to use in any gastronomic recipe, since it simply has to replace sugar as a means of sweetening meals.

In today's world, several alternatives have been sought so that people have a healthier diet. One of these topics concerns the change of sweeteners, since refined sugar (the one sold in most supermarkets) has very high amounts of calories. This implies possible conversion of these calories into lipids that trigger obesity.Likewise, its glycemic index is very high, which is why sugar is not kept for a long time in caloric format, but is quickly released into the blood, triggering various health problems. To avoid these inconveniences, Drasanvi's magnificent Birch Sugar (Superfoods) has been created, which is totally natural, without chemical additives. In a sweetener extracted from the natural tree, with very few calories and an extremely low glycemic index. It is very useful for patients diagnosed with diabetes. Likewise, it prevents obesity and is more comfortable to process for the metabolism of human beings. In addition, it has a magnificent flavor on the palate and gives the body an excellent nutrient in the daily diet.

Properties of the product Birch Sugar (Superfoods) from Drasanvi

  • Sweetener obtained from birch
  • It has 40% fewer calories than refined sugar
  • Very low glycemic index
  • Ideal for diabetics
  • excellent taste
  • Excellent for a healthy diet

This product allows you to continue enjoying the sweet taste in desserts, drinks and other preparations. At the same time, it contains few calories and a glycemic index as low as it is healthy.

recommended use: Use as a substitute for sugar in regular recipes.


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