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BiotechUSA Bottle from BiotechUSA is the one hundred percent ideal complement to be able to hydrate during your most intense workouts. It is a 750 ml capacity bottle or drum with a modern and fresh design, it also has a rubber nozzle and the gauge is transparent so that you can control the amount of liquid that remains at all times. It is very well made with high quality plastic in Europe, it is non-toxic and BPA free.

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  • Essential aspects of this BiotechUSA Bottle from BiotechUSA
  • Components and format of the BiotechUSA Drum from BiotechUSA
  • BiotechUSA Bottle by BiotechUSA
  • Recommended use of the BiotechUSA Bottle from BiotechUSA
  • BiotechUSA Bottle by BiotechUSA: ideal for transporting liquids and is designed to offer excellent quality and functionality.

    This excellent bottle is 100% versatile and perfect for keeping you hydrated during any physical activity, whether it's a long gym session or simply at work to avoid having to make so many trips to the tap.

    It is a high quality bottle aimed at intensive training athletes, who are looking for a maximum and comfortable way to store training drinks. This BiotechUSA Bottle from BiotechUSA was designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

    This bottle is very minimalistic, its modern and ergonomic shape and vivid color attract attention by themselves, therefore the producer decided to limit the number of embellishments. The only graphic element that we can find here is the BioTech USA logo, kept in modern stylistics, associated with the company that is famous for its reliability, it is the perfect finishing touch of this high class bottle.

    Essential aspects of this BiotechUSA Bottle from BiotechUSA

    • Ideal for the gym and competitions
    • easy to transport
    • High-quality bottle with the BioTechUSA company logo
    • Ergonomic and eye-catching shape
    • Convenient graduation scale on the wall
    • Made of durable materials
    • Aesthetic and minimalist design

    Components and format of the BiotechUSA Drum from BiotechUSA

    This complement is presented with 750 ml capacity

    Among the components present in this plugin we can find the following:

    • Plastic

    BiotechUSA Bottle by BiotechUSA

    It is innovative in its modern and elegant design. The way the spout and gauge come together to form this bottle is almost perfect, and with its 750ml capacity you'll be able to train for quite a while before having to stop to refill.

    Especially recommended for those who work in very hot environments! It was made of the highest quality materials, which can be used for the production of articles suitable for contact with food, thanks to which it has no toxic influence on the beverages stored inside and does not change their taste.

    Apart from this, the durable material used for production positively influences its resistance to mechanical damage. Thanks to this, we do not need to worry about any damage, when we accidentally drop it in the gym.

    The structure of the bottle was designed in such a way that it is the most comfortable to use during intensive training. The ergonomic shape of the bottle makes it easy to grip, thanks to which we can drink from the bottle even with sweaty hands.

    The comfortable lid allows easy drinking without spilling the content, even if we have very little time to take a sip. We often store and prepare supplements in the bottle, for the preparation of which it is important to measure an adequate amount of water.

    Thanks to a precise scale on the wall of the bottle, we can easily measure the exact amount of liquid. This feature of the bottle will also be useful for people who watch the amount of fluid intake during training.

    Recommended use of the BiotechUSA Bottle from BiotechUSA

    • Ideal for carrying your favorite sports drinks and helping you stay hydrated throughout your sports activity.


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