Biomaris – 750ml


Sakai Biomaris is a food supplement based on seawater extracted from the depths of the North Atlantic, it is characterized by being an excellent source of minerals, as well as many nutrients necessary for the development of the body, very effective in nourishing, activating and balancing the internal medium.

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  • What is Sakai Biomaris?
  • What does Sakai Biomaris contribute?
  • What do you get with Sakai Biomaris?
  • Sakai Biomaris Recommended Daily Dose
  • Sakai Biomaris has the necessary nutrients to make you feel stronger and healthier!

    Sea water has a different composition than that found in rivers or lakes, it contains zinc, potassium, iron, selenium, magnesium, iodine and a high content of sodium chloride, all these minerals and trace elements are necessary for the proper functioning of our organs, incorporating Sakai Biomaris provides therapeutic properties, such as antitumor, antibacterial, antiviral and regenerating properties that return the body to its normal conditions of health, strength and vigor. It strengthens the immune system and helps reduce constipation and cell regeneration, cleanses the lungs of mucus, intervenes so that our body processes food better, avoiding heavy digestion, helps eliminate colds and is effective in neutralizing acidity in the stomach and in the cells of the body, it also provides hardness to the bones, regulates sleep and blood pressure and intervenes to maintain and improve the health of the organs, preventing the development of various pathologies, because its habitual consumption produces a recovery, cleaning and changes in the body that will generate an excellent state of health, so fast that it will surprise you.You can use it to cook, prepare broths, soups and to boil vegetables, cereals or legumes, replacing ¼ of the natural water with sea water, to obtain the benefits of the mineral composition of sea water. And it is that by drinking seawater, our body detoxifies, oxygenates, alkalizes, nourishes and restores.

    What is Sakai Biomaris?

    • Double microfiltration.
    • Bioavailable minerals.
    • Blue glass bottle that keeps its properties intact.
    • Without caffeine.
    • Without gluten.
    • Without sugar or lactose.
    • vegan.
    • It can be consumed by children, during pregnancy and lactation.

    That contribute Sakai Biomaris?

    Sakai Biomaris is a food supplement that comes in a liquid format in a blue bottle that preserves the properties of the formula.

    Content per dose (1 liter):

    • Provides 131 mg of magnesium.

    What do you get with Sakai Biomaris?

    Sakai Biomaris provides the necessary nutrients that the body needs to nourish, activate and balance the internal environment, which is the liquid environment that surrounds the cells of the body and is made up of the interstitial fluid of the tissues, the lymph and the blood plasma. It provides strength and vigor to our body.

    Sakai Biomaris is a food supplement indicated to nourish, activate and balance the internal environment. periods of intense heat. For athletes, people who want to detoxify their body, for people with sensitive and delicate skin and for those who want to control their physiological PH.

    Sakai Biomaris Recommended Daily Dose

    • Take the necessary amount.
    • Take by diluting 100 ml of Biomaris in 260 ml of low-mineralized water.
    • Take 4 times a day, for long periods of time and regularly.


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