B&G 12:1:1 (BCAA+Glutamine) – 400 g


B&G from the Big brand is the formula of branched chain amino acids with glutamine with the highest proportion of BCAAs on the market, to maximize its effects.

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  • Properties of B&G of BIG:
  • B&G by BIG, Union make force.

    The perfect union of B&G de Big contains the best ratio of BCAAs 12:1:1 and Kyowa glutamine that act synergistically to prevent catabolism and muscle breakdown and enhance recovery and growth. It also incorporates the PepForm patent, a combination of Glanbia leucine peptides formulated for a more efficient delivery of nutrients, to contribute to protein synthesis and increase muscle growth.

    PepForm contains high levels of leucine-enriched peptides from whey protein isolate. This unique ingredient provides L-Leucine, an essential amino acid for muscle building, in a soluble and highly bioavailable form. L-Leucine promotes muscle synthesis and is currently used as a supplement for athletes and the elderly population who need to build and maintain muscle mass. Studies conducted with PepForm have suggested that these peptides play a very important role in combating muscle loss, also known as muscle catabolism.

    The combination of glutamine with branched-chain amino acids produces a synergistic effect that enhances the properties of both, creating a perfect environment for the best muscle building.

    Like the rest of the Big brand supplements, B&G Contains 200 mg of the patented ingredient PH-Regulator to maintain the alkaline balance of our body after ingestion, and thus improve results.

    Properties of B&G of BIG:

    • Take sublingually without the need for water
    • Anti-catabolic effect
    • Fast fiber regeneration
    • maximum recovery
    • excellent taste

    recommended use: As a food supplement, take 10 g (3/4 of the spoon) directly, and take 1 to 2 times a day before a meal or a workout, and after training or before going to sleep.


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