Beta-Alanine – 200g


Beta-Alanine from Natural Health is an advanced formula based on the non-essential amino acid Beta Alanine designed for athletes or athletes who want to improve their performance quickly and effectively, it provides energy to the muscle quickly in the form of glucose, improving endurance and physical energy.

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Beta-Alanine from Natural Health, immediate energy directly to your muscles

Beta-Alanine from Natural Health is a sports supplement made with Beta Alanine, a simple non-essential amino acid that has great energizing properties for the body as it can be assimilated by it as glucose, thus offering extra energy essential for physical activities. or prolonged or highly demanding workouts. It provides the muscles with enough energy and power to be able to face heavy exercise routines where a considerable burst of power is required to be executed correctly. Beta-Alanine from Natural Health will significantly improve muscle performance as well as a significant increase in the amount of work that the muscles can withstand. In addition, with its inhibitory effect on the sensation of fatigue, you can dramatically increase training times, thus obtaining better results from them without having to exhaust yourself excessively, which is why it is ideal for athletes or athletes who perform prolonged activities or bodybuilders who must make great efforts.

Amino acids are an important part of the sports improvement process of any athlete, bodybuilder or sportsperson who wishes to exceed their personal bests, as they are vital micronutrients for proper muscle and bone development, thus allowing the physical conditions of the individual in question to be improved. .Natural Health, a leading company in totally natural food and sports supplementation, brings its new Beta-Alanine, a concentrate of this wonderful amino acid that offers a good dose of energy and extra resistance to the body, thus allowing to improve performance and notably increasing the time that can last training or exercising. Beta-Alanine from Natural Health will undoubtedly be an excellent ally for athletes who perform prolonged exercises such as marathons or cycling, which require much more energy and endurance due to the prolonged training times that may appear.

Properties of Beta-Alanine from Natural Health

  • Highest quality amino acid
  • Assimilated as glucose by the body
  • Replenishes glycogen stores in the body
  • Instantly increases energy and physical endurance
  • Improves muscle strength and power
  • Improves comprehensive sports performance
  • Inhibits the feeling of tiredness or fatigue
  • Allows you to train longer and with more intensity
  • Stimulates muscle regeneration

Give your body the necessary fuel to face the most demanding workouts, with Beta Alanine from Natural Health you will be able to enjoy more intense and long-lasting training sessions, maximizing results.

recommended use: Take 3 grams of product diluted in water one hour before training.


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