Beta Alanine – 120 vegetable capsules


Vegetable Beta Alanine from quamtrax is a non-essential amino acid that is found in red and white meats and therefore we contract them when consuming these foods, and therefore they offer us extremely important properties that our body needs to live healthily.

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Maintain a healthy and energetic life with vegetable Beta Alanine from quamtrax.

This amino acid is found in red and white meats, essential for humans. Vegetable Beta Alanine from quamtrax is widely used in the sports field since its component properties make it a food supplement that is characterized by increasing and maintaining in perfect condition the mass and musculature necessary to be able to carry out a perfect and healthy training either at home, in the gym, when you go jogging in the afternoon or some sport or physical effort that requires a lot of strength from the person who practices it.

Beta Alanine by quamtrax It is what you need to lead a full and completely healthy life. It is the sports accessory you need to gain strength and perform exercises or the sport of your choice correctly and safely, without fear of having some kind of accident when doing it. One of the characteristics of this amino acid is that it allows us to multiply strength and increases physical resistance and its presence in our body allows us to limit the production of lactic acids, which are responsible for producing fatigue. This important nutrient can be found in beef, poultry, fish, cheese and eggs and it is possible to increase its level when consuming them.

By consuming this important supplement, you will begin to notice positive changes in your body since it allows you to increase the level of carnosity in the body, which makes it an important factor to have a sports and balanced diet since it increases body performance during training and also increase the level of energy in our body to be able to carry out a satisfactory training full of fullness and health. Beta Alanine by quamtrax It is certainly what you need to keep your life full of strength and security. Perfect for anyone who does some training, attends the gym or does some kind of sport.

Properties of Beta Alanine vegetables from quamtrax

  • 100% sure.
  • 100% Healthy.
  • It maintains energy in our body.
  • Maintains muscle.
  • Easy to eat.
  • Ideal for training.
  • Promotes muscle recovery.

Beta Alanine from quamtrax is a food supplement of very good quality and without a doubt one of the best that has reached the market and the world of sports, it is presented in capsules, it is perfect to consume when doing your training or some sport. of your preference. It contains ingredients of great importance for our body and is ideal for consumption by anyone who wants to have a balanced diet full of security, strength and energy. Do not hesitate to try it.

recommended useDirections: Take 4 capsules 3 times a day, it is recommended to take it after a meal.


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