Beta Alanine 100% Pure – 200g


100% pure Beta Alanine from Haya Labs is a dietary supplement that helps people who are doing physical activities to last longer periods of time doing them, this influences their performance and makes training have better results.

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100% pure Beta Alanine from Haya Labs, elevates sports performance

The 100% pure Beta Alanine from Haya Labs is a sports formula, made from beta alanine amino acids which has positive effects on people and these have also been tested on sports performance. Beta alanine is a product that offers or gives people additional levels of strength and endurance when they are performing prolonged and intense physical activities. They also reduce fatigue and muscle pain. This is what makes it ideal for all those who love hard days at the gym to ingest. It is a dietary supplement which meets all those expectations and benefits that active people require. Its effectiveness has been proven by leading scientists from the most renowned universities worldwide. These have been commissioned to carry out extensive research on people on a daily basis, which is why every day we can be more sure that beta alanine will guarantee benefits to people.

Beta alanine is an amino acid of natural origin which is used in the realization of many sports supplements, because it makes people increase their resistance, physical capacity, muscle growth and post-exercise recovery.This product has properties that are unique in helping to increase carnosine levels in the muscles, it is in a peptide with a strong antioxidant function, this limits the accumulation of hydrogen ions in the muscles during exercise. that are high intensity. This is the best and most recommended way to reduce pH and fatigue in people's muscles.

Properties of 100% Pure Beta Alanine from Haya Labs

  • Ideal product to increase muscle strength

  • Its properties allow people to train more intensively for a long time

  • Increases the level of carnosine in the muscles

  • Delays the onset of muscle fatigue

  • It is a product free of gelatin, aspartame, sugar, coloring, preservative, sweetener, gluten, dairy and yeast.

Thanks to its powder presentation and the fact that Beta Alanine has no flavor, it can be easily incorporated into shakes, drinks, meals, etc. What more can you ask for? Start performing efficiently in your workouts in the most practical way.

recommended use: Mix a tablespoon of the product in water and take it 30 minutes before training.


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