Beef Amino – 250 Tablets


Beef Amino from Amix is ​​a food supplement that provides 8 essential amino acids from beef, ideal for boosting recovery, ensuring proper muscle maintenance, increasing resistance and improving good sports performance. Recommended for all athletes who want to build their muscles with the best complex of amino acids.

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Amix Beef Amino: provides all the essential amino acids for optimal muscle recovery and maintenance

Amix Beef Amino is a nutritional supplement based on pure amino acids from beef, in that sense, it provides each of the essential amino acids to ensure rapid recovery, as well as offer excellent muscle maintenance and optimal physical performance. It is a supplement of excellent nutritional quality to achieve goals.

Beef meat is one of the most appropriate foods for athletes since it is rich in amino acids and proteins, which are essential nutrients for the construction and maintenance of muscles, however, the reality is that the absorption and assimilation capacity of a steak is very slow, and sometimes ineffective, therefore, incorporating a dose of Beef Amino from Amix to the sports nutrition plan is a wise decision to obtain and cover the nutritional requirements of all the amino acids that this food provides and, the best After all, it will be in the most efficient way.

One of the main advantages of taking Beef Amino from Amix is ​​that it contains each and every one of the 8 essential amino acids of beef, which helps to enjoy maximum muscle maintenance, increased resistance, better recovery between series and a incredible physical performance.In addition, Beef Amino from Amix stands out among other products for its high quality, purity and bioavailability, so any athlete who decides to incorporate it into their dietary plan will be able to enjoy highly effective amino acid supplementation. For greater comfort, Beef Amino from Amix has a fast absorption formula, therefore, the body will not require a great digestive effort to obtain the nutrients, on the contrary, this powerful supplement offers guaranteed assimilation. In short, Beef Amino from Amix is ​​a complement of the latest technology, resulting in a great ally to achieve good muscle development and achieve any goal.

Properties of Beef Amino from Amix

  • Provides maximum nutritional quality
  • Provides 8 essential amino acids for the maintenance of the muscles
  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Facilitates proper recovery between sets
  • Promotes optimal performance
  • Fast-absorbing, light-digesting formula
  • Attractive and practical container

Beef Amino from Amix is ​​an excellent nutritional tool to improve body condition, for this reason, you should not hesitate to acquire it and complement it in sports nutrition. The result will be more resistance, strength and performance to build the dream muscles. Ideal for promoting optimal muscle recovery and maintenance.

recommended use: as a food supplement, take 3 tablets two or three times a day between main meals, preferably with a large glass of water.

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