BCAA+B6 – 100 Tablets


BCAA+B6 from BioTech USA is a supplement for building quality muscle mass that provides a high graduation of energy and power. This formula provides essential amino acids for the perfect construction of new muscle tissue, prevents muscle loss and provides extra energy for training or competition.

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Quality Energy and Muscle Mass

BCAA+B6 is a supplement for athletes that provides maximum efficiency in building quality muscle mass. The formula provides branched chain amino acids, essential for the perfect construction of new muscle tissue, with vitamin B6. Each dose provides 4,000 mg of branched chain amino acids that build quality muscle mass in each serving. The use of the supplement improves the formation of glycogen, stimulates the production of insulin and increases the absorption of nutrients in the muscle cell to obtain a compact muscle mass. In addition, it has a post-workout energy reconstitution effect and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Glycogen provides energy, essential to improve performance. When an athlete trains, muscle glycogen is broken down to glucose in order to be used as an energy source, and the higher the training intensity, the higher the breakdown. Thus, a glycogen supplement improves performance in training or competition. Athletes who train intensely suffer from a significant decrease in the protein building blocks of the muscles, caused by the metabolism of branched chain amino acids, which in turn causes a decrease in performance, increased recovery time and lack of energy.

A quality branched-chain amino acid supplement is a fundamental complement in the athlete's diet, its function is to optimize performance in prolonged high-intensity training, build quality muscle mass and provide extra energy for better performance.


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