BCAA Zero – 180g


BCAA Zero from Biotech is an extraordinary powder supplement that uses a good load of essential amino acids of excellent quality, destined to provide the necessary nutrients for the formation of muscle mass and the increase in strength, improving the physical performance of the athlete in any type of training.

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  • Properties of BCAA Zero from Biotech
  • Specifications per dose (9g):
  • BCAA Zero from Biotech the nutritional supplement for the efficient formation of muscle mass, which improves performance, strength and energy.

    The new BCAA Zero supplement from Biotech is a product that uses in its formula, excellent branched-chain essential amino acids or BCAAs, effective in the production and construction of proteins, responsible for the correct development and growth of healthy muscle mass.

    Biotech BCAA Zero makes use of amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine and valine, in an excellent 2:1:1 ratio that has proven to be the most effective in building muscle and in the considerable increase in energy, ideal for any type of sport or exercise routine designed to form and increase muscle mass.

    Amino acids are organic molecules that the body produces naturally, called non-essential amino acids. However, essential amino acids are responsible for building important nutrients such as proteins, which are of the utmost importance for the body, especially for muscles. These essential amino acids generally reach the body in very small amounts, and that is why BCAA Zero from Biotech has been developed to provide optimal levels of high-quality essential amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine and valine, in an excellent proportion. 2:1:1 that will allow an efficient production and use of proteins, generating a considerable development of muscle mass.

    The formula of Biotech BCAA Zero It includes vitamin B6, which effectively contributes to the correct metabolism and utilization of proteins and glycogen, two fundamental elements in muscle development. In addition to this, BCAA Zero from Biotech has perfected its composition, eliminating all those unnecessary elements from its formula, as a consequence, this extraordinary product is totally suitable for any type of athlete, since it does not contain gluten or sugar in its composition, even eliminating the lactose, aspartame and all kinds of preservatives, eliminating any type of side effects, making it an ideal supplement in any type of training.

    Properties of BCAA Zero from Biotech

    • Contains the essential amino acids belonging to the branched chain BCAA
    • Significantly improves metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and glycogen
    • Stimulates protein production
    • Effectively build muscle mass
    • Increases energy, strength and performance
    • It is enriched with vitamin B6

    Specifications per dose (9g):

    These values ​​may change depending on your taste.

    • It has an energy value of 28Kj/7kcal
    • It has 0g of fat
    • Its carbohydrate content is 1.2g
    • Of its carbohydrate content, only 0.5g are sugars
    • Contains only 0.03g of salt
    • Enriched with 2mg of Vitamin B6
    • Contains 3000mg of L-Leucine
    • It has 1500mg of L-isoleucine
    • Its L-valine content is 1500mg
    • It also contains 700mg of L-glutamine

    BCAA Zero from Biotech is the ideal supplement when it comes to efficiently building healthy muscle mass, thanks to its excellent content of high-quality, pure essential amino acids, added to its excellent content of vitamin B6.

    recommended use: As a food supplement, take a serving of BCAA Zero from Biotech, equivalent to two measuring spoons (9g), mixed with 300ml of water, preferably 15 minutes before starting the exercise routine.For rest days, take between meals.


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