BCAA X – 120 Capsules


BCAA X from Scitec Nutrition from Scitec Nutrition offers you leucine, isoleucine and valine, which are three essential branched-chain amino acids. Thanks to this you will be able to have a sustained muscle increase, a faster and more effective recovery, as well as a higher level of glycogen, which goes directly to the muscles. Fights the catabolic state.

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BCAA X from Scitec Nutrition, the fuel for more strength and muscle development. Do not miss its wonderful effects!

BCAA X from Scitec Nutrition is a sports supplement that offers you valine, leucine and isoleucine, three branched-chain amino acids to ensure your muscle development.

These are 3 of the nine amino acids of great importance that your body needs, since the body cannot produce them on its own. In the same way, it encourages a greater production of glycogen, which is what gives strength to the muscles and improves the recovery period to be able to come back to the next workout with more strength. Its properties are excellent for strengthening the body and preventing it from entering an undesirable state of catabolism.

If you want to gain more muscle mass, you should give BCAA X from Scitec Nutrition. Branched chain amino acids can be obtained through diet. But if you develop a demanding sports activity, it may not be enough. In the case of practicing exercises with intensity with the aim of improving yourself, you expose your body to a state of amino acid deficiency. And if this happens, the body will begin to take them from your own body, causing the undesirable reduction of muscle tissue. It is at these times that the presence of essential branched-chain amino acids becomes necessary to supply this deficiency state.

The recovery period is much more effective with BCAA X from Scitec Nutrition. When the body is going through this process, it is responsible for repairing and even fortifying muscle fibers. And for this you need branched-chain amino acids, which are essential building materials in this task. The more of these amino acids you have, the faster you can do your job and the body will be more than ready for the next workout. In this way you will have an excellent protein synthesis, which will give you a more toned body and a much higher performance, no matter what discipline you practice.

Properties of BCAA X from Scitec Nutrition

  • Prevents loss of muscle tissue when training
  • Promotes the increase in muscle mass
  • Benefits the formation of glycogen
  • Optimizes the physical recovery stage
  • Promotes the assimilation of nutrients in muscle cells
  • Improves physical performance

BCAA X from Scitec Nutrition is a complete supplement that will reinforce your amino acid needs in the most demanding moments of your training. Its amino acids prevent you from entering a state of deep catabolism through which you can reduce your muscle volume. You will also obtain a higher level of glycogen, which is what you require to display a higher level of energy.

Recommended use: take 2 capsules daily, before exercising on training days. On rest days take two before going to sleep.


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