BCAA Liquid – 1000ml


Liquid BCAA from BiotechUSA is a nutritional supplement with advanced technology that incorporates all the advantages of branched-chain amino acids and other essential ones to accelerate recovery processes, prevent catabolism and reduce fatigue during training. Best of all, it is easy to assimilate and comes in an Orange or Lemon flavor.

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Liquid BCAA from BiotechUSA, advanced formula to enhance muscle recovery

Liquid BCAA from BiotechUSA is a sports supplement based on highly bioavailable BCAAs with a ratio of 2:1:1 for an extra supply of essential amino acids to maintain the proper functioning of muscle tissues, accelerate recovery and obtain very well defined muscles. or developed. In addition, all the advantages of vitamins B6 and B12 have been incorporated into this advanced design for better results.

Amino acids are essential in the diet of an athlete, especially because protein synthesis, tissue repair, energy production depend on them, they help transport glucose, among other functions, therefore, their consumption is Practically essential to enjoy good sports performance. A serving of Liquid BCAA from BiotechUSA provides around 12 g of amino acids and is made up of a 2:1:1 ratio to promote tissue repair with great effectiveness and prevent catabolism.

The good news is that Liquid BCAA from BiotechUSA not only contains a good percentage of BCAAs to enjoy all these advantages, but also being in a liquid format makes its intake much more effective, easily assimilated and completely safe.Likewise, other nutrients that are incorporated to enhance the effects in this innovative design are Arginine, Lysine and Ornithine, which are other essential amino acids that participate in the development of muscle mass and make training more effective. Additionally, Liquid BCAA from BiotechUSA is enriched with vitamin B6 and B12 since they collaborate with the synthesis of proteins, help maintain insulin levels to make the most of carbohydrates, and in turn, reduce tiredness or muscle fatigue during exercise. training.

Properties of Liquid BCAA from BiotechUSA

  • Contains 2:1:1 branched chain amino acids BCAAs
  • Provides Arginine, Lysine and Ornithine to enhance the effects
  • Enriched with vitamin B6 and B12
  • Helps muscle recovery
  • Contributes to the maintenance of the muscles
  • Improve sports training
  • Prevents tiredness or muscle fatigue
  • prevents catabolism
  • A service incorporates 12 grams of BCAAs to the muscles
  • Orange or Lemon flavor
  • Liquid format and fast assimilation
  • 1000ml container

Going to the gym and planning an exhaustive routine is not enough to build muscle. It is also not appropriate to let the body recover the tissues on its own, therefore, it is recommended and highly effective to take supplements such as Liquid BCAA from BiotechUSA to help the body accelerate recovery processes and achieve a desired muscular silhouette.

recommended use: as a nutritional supplement, mix 30ml with water or fruit juice and take one serving in the morning, one before and one after training.


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