BCAA + Glutamine – 500g


The BCAA + Glutamine developed by Iron Addict Labs contains a formula with ingredients with anti-catabolic action. Iron Labs BCAA + Glutamine contains a combination of substances that improve muscle growth, performance and recovery after physical activity. This product stops muscle wasting.

In this opportunity we bring you a product that benefits the consumer in their daily training, it is a nutritional supplement based on essential amino acids for the body and that it cannot synthesize naturally, these amino acids are responsible for giving the body the energy and the forces necessary for a good performance in the exercises.

BCAA + Glutamine from Invictus is a powdered food supplement that contains a perfect combination of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) with glutamine, also enriched with vitamin B6 and with a pleasant lemon flavor, specially designed for rapid and effective muscle recovery.

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BCAA + Glutamine from Iron Addict Labs optimizes the process of protein synthesis.

BCAA + Glutamine from Iron Addict Labs improves recovery and nitrogen levels. BCAA + Glutamine from Iron Supplement is designed with a special formulation that has a precise mix of glutamine and branched-chain amino acids with an extra charge of leucine, thus achieving an effective action improving muscle recovery. Recent studies indicate that branched chain amino acids are assimilated more quickly and increase their effectiveness when combined with L-Glutamine. BCAA + Glutamine from iron labs is a supplement that offers the ideal mix to consume two essential compounds for all athletes, in a single shot.

The BCAA + Glutamine from Iron Addict Labs Contains a perfect blend of Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine. Improves protein synthesis and stops muscle wear. It also stimulates better recovery and maintains a positive level of nitrogen in the body. This food supplement also covers the minimum requirements in the body for amino acids, thus preventing deficiencies of this substance. The BCAA + Glutamine from iron labs also reinforces the action of the immune system.Iron Labs BCAA + Glutamine is developed with a combination of the three essential branched chain amino acids, which are known as BCAAs or complex branched chain amino acids, because they have a unique chemical chain structure that differentiates them from other amino acids.

BCAA's are complex essential amino acids, because the human body does not have the capacity to synthesize them and must be incorporated through the diet. The body uses BCAAs to repair injured tissue, optimizing recovery and preventing muscle tissue breakdown during training sessions. It is also a substance of great importance for the development and gain of muscles. Different studies have also shown benefits of BCAAs in other areas, due to the individual action of each of the components. Leucine is a substance that intervenes in the recovery of the skin and bones and also protects the muscles, valine is responsible for the transport and maintenance of nitrogen that is important for the development of muscle tissue), isoleucine increases energy and also intervenes in the formation of hemoglobin that transports oxygen through the body.

Properties of BCAA + Glutamine from Iron Addict Labs

  • Optimizes protein synthesis and stops muscle wasting.
  • Improves recovery and nitrogen level.

The BCAA + Glutamine from iron labs improves the functioning of the immune system. It also comes in a delicious flavor.

recommended use: Iron Labs BCAA + Glutamine should be taken as a dietary supplement for healthy adults. You must mix 12 grams or three quarters of the dispenser, each measure is 15 grams, with water, juice, or your favorite drink. It should be consumed 2 times a day, half an hour before training and at the end of training.


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