BCAA + Glutamine – 315g


BCAA + Glutamine from Hypertrophy Nutrition provides the exact and necessary amount of branched-chain amino acids so that the body can quickly repair muscle fibers after a strict day of training. This nutritional product also protects muscle mass because it contains glutamine and BCAAs in its formulation.

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The BCAA + Glutamine from Hypertrophy Nutrition provides glutamine that forms part of the muscle fibers.

BCAA + Glutamine from Hypertrophy Nutrition has an innovative formulation of ingredients that promote increased muscle mass.

This sports supplement is perfect to be combined with proteins because it enriches them and enhances their repairing and building properties. It supplies adequate and required amounts in the body of branched chain amino acids to achieve an extremely rapid repair of muscle fibers after a day of high intensity training. In addition, its glutamine content protects every last centimeter of muscle mass. The scientific studies carried out showed that both elements included in this product in its formulation directly interfere with the increase in muscle mass. Therefore, it is ideal to combine it with any type of weight gainer or protein supplement to reinforce the repairing and building effects they have on the body.

The BCAA + Glutamine developed by Hypertrophy Nutrition has glutamine and branched-chain amino acids as its main ingredients. Glutamine is an amino acid synthesized by the body from other amino acids that has exceptional abilities to enhance the immune system.Various clinical studies have shown that taking glutamine after an intense workout optimizes recovery and boosts the immune system, helping to assimilate the carbohydrates ingested after training and at the same time improving recovery by 25%. It also prevents overtraining by balancing blood glutamine levels, increases growth hormone levels to stimulate the development of muscle mass, and prevents muscle catabolism. BCAAs increase the rate of protein synthesis to maximize muscle recovery for more muscle growth. They also help reduce fatigue, which can optimize physical performance. Branched chain amino acids are perfect for those people who are in a period of specific diets since the intake of BCAAs before a workout provides energy to the muscles and promotes their growth, while at the same time burning unnecessary fat. Additionally, this type of amino acid has been shown to be helpful in decreasing muscle soreness and reducing the amount of protein breakdown.

Properties of BCAA + Glutamine from Hypertrophy Nutrition

  • Improves muscle recovery.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • Avoid catabolism.
  • It stimulates the synthesis of proteins.
  • Optimizes sports performance.

BCAA + Glutamine from Hypertrophy Nutrition should be in your arsenal of sports supplements, it offers protection to your muscles and improves performance in each workout.

recommended use: As a food supplement, it is recommended to take 1 dose per day, of 10 grams dissolved in 250 ml of water, half an hour after training.


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