BCAA Ethyl Ester – 198 Capsules


BCAA Ethyl Ester from Stacker2 is an innovative nutritional supplement that offers an ideal dose of BCAA linked to ethyl ester, which guarantees perfect absorption in the body, providing its benefits more quickly and effectively, contributing to optimal recovery, increased energy and the growth of healthy, strong and defined muscles.

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  • What is Stacker Europe BCAA Ethyl Ester?
  • What does BCAA Ethyl Ester from Stacker Europe provide?
  • What is achieved with BCAA Ethyl Ester from Stacker Europe?
  • How to consume BCAA Ethyl Ester from Stacker Europe?
  • Improve your sports performance and get quality muscles thanks to BCAA Ethyl Ester from Stacker2, a product that will offer these benefits more efficiently.

    BCAA Ethyl Ester from Stacker2 is an incredible nutritional supplement made from an excellent amount of BCAAs, branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) in ideal proportions, essential nutrients for increased protein synthesis and for a better nitrogen retention in the muscles, which means that they contribute to good muscle function and consequently to the significant improvement of your performance when training, since they accelerate recovery after the intense exercise routine and promote the protection of the muscles, especially acting in the prevention of muscle catabolism so feared by athletes, they increase energy and therefore strength and endurance while you train, which is essential to achieve larger, stronger and well-formed muscles.

    What is BCAA Ethyl Ester from Stacker Europe?

    • It is a product made from BCAAs in ideal proportions
    • Promotes healthy muscle growth and development
    • Maximize sports performance
    • Can increase energy, strength and physical endurance
    • Accelerates muscle recovery
    • Helps build strong and defined muscles
    • Provides perfect absorption for full enjoyment of its benefits
    • It is easy to ingest
    • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

    That contribute BCAA Ethyl Ester from Stacker Europe?

    This great supplement comes in an easy-to-swallow capsule presentation, plus it has BCAAs linked with ethyl ester, so it is perfectly absorbed by the body, and therefore carries the amino acids to the bloodstream completely intact and without the need for digestion, unlike other similar supplements, making it more effective, reliable and safe to consume.

    Content per dose (4 capsules):

    • Contains 1400 mg of leucine ethyl ester HCI
    • It has 700 mg of isoleucine ethyl ester HCI
    • It has 700 mg of valine ethyl ester HCI

    What do you get with BCAA Ethyl Ester from Stacker Europe?

    BCAA Ethyl Ester from Stacker2 contains an ideal amount of BCAAs in ideal proportions, making it one of the best supplements available, also due to its high bioavailability it guarantees the improvement of sports performance, increases muscle energy, allowing you to maximize strength and physical endurance during long periods of time. exercise, which is essential to finish your training routine in the most productive way, accelerates muscle recovery allowing you to be ready and willing to face the next session in the best shape, protects the muscles against catabolism and contributes to muscle growth strong, dense and well formed, giving you the scope of your objectives quickly.

    BCAA Ethyl Ester from Stacker2 is ideal for athletes of all kinds who seek to maximize their sports performance, with a natural product that helps them achieve the muscles they want efficiently, also collaborating with their balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

    How to consume BCAA Ethyl Ester from Stacker Europe?

    • Take 8 capsules a day
    • Consume 4 capsules before training and another 4 immediately after training
    • Take the dose daily


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