BCAA 6000 – 225g


BCAA 6000 from Nutrex is a food supplement that offers you a natural and effective dose of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), constituting an intra-workout formula to strengthen muscles, with a pleasant taste, free of harmful substances, and compatible with healthy diets. .

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  • Properties of BCAA 6000 from Nutrex
  • Ingredients, composition and format of BCAA 6000
  • Recommended daily dose of BCAA 6000
  • Nutrex BCAA 6000

    BCAA 6000 from Nutrex is a powdered food supplement made from branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), a natural composition free of harmful substances, suitable for consumption by people who follow a healthy diet. It also comes in 2 delicious and refreshing flavors to choose from.

    BCAAs help increase muscle performance, improve endurance and reduce fatigue and pain, in addition to helping optimal recovery after intense physical exercise.

    Properties of the BCAA6000 by Nutrex

    • Food supplement made from BCAAs
    • recommended for athletes
    • No harmful ingredients
    • Compatible with restrictive diets

    Ingredients, composition and format of the BCAA6000

    BCAA 6000 from Nutrex comes in a container that contains 225 g of powdered food supplement. It comes in 2 flavors: fruit punch and watermelon.

    Content per dose (1 tablespoon / 7.9 gr):

    • It has 3 grams of L-leucine
    • It has 1.5 gr of L-isoleucine
    • It has 1.5 gr of L-valine

    Recommended daily dose of BCAA 6000

    • On training days, mix 1 scoop (7.9 g) in 8-10 oz of cold water and consume before, during, or after your workout. On days off, take at any time of the day.


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