BCAA 4 – 325g


BCAA 4 from Quamtrax is a food supplement designed for high competition athletes, its extraordinary formula has the 3 essential branched-chain amino acids in the right dose, which allows optimal development and growth of muscle mass, while at the same time improves the recovery and regeneration of the same after intense exercise without causing side effects.

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  • Main characteristics of BCAA 4 from Quamtrax
  • Quamtrax BCAA 4 Format and Ingredients
  • Why BCAA 4 from Quamtrax?
  • How to consume BCAA 4?
  • BCAA 4 from Quamtrax, the best supplement based on essential branched-chain amino acids, to get the most out of your muscles and your workouts.

    Essential amino acids are essential and necessary elements for athletes and sportsmen, as they play a crucial role both for growth and for the effective recovery of muscle mass. Of the essential amino acids, there are three of them called branched chain essential amino acids or BCAA's, which are the main component of this product. Branched-chain amino acids are known for their excellent action on the muscles, helping them to recover correctly after the considerable wear and tear to which they are subjected after intense training. BCAAs are also actively involved in the growth and development of muscle mass, increasing muscle strength and volume, which is why they are part of the basic supplementation of elite athletes. BCAA 4 from Quamtrax incorporates these essential amino acids in the correct amount, which allows you to take full advantage of their properties and benefits in order to improve the sports performance and muscle potential of the user.

    Main features of BCAA 4 from Quamtrax

    • It is a pro anabolic supplement
    • Designed for elite athletes
    • With the right and adequate amount of BCAA's for better results
    • Promotes muscle growth
    • Helps increase strength
    • Improves and accelerates the muscle recovery process after exercise
    • Increases physical and muscular performance
    • Provides energy in long-term efforts
    • Increases endurance and decreases fatigue and tiredness
    • Prevents muscle catabolism
    • Acts as a muscle volumizer
    • Enriched with vitamin B6

    Ingredients and format BCAA 4 from Quamtrax

    BCAA 4 from Quamtrax is an elite sports supplement, which comes in powder format, which you can mix with your favorite drink to obtain a powerful nutritional shake with which you will be ready to get the most out of your exercises and promote good muscle development. .

    The main ingredients of BCAA 4 from Quamtrax are all of natural origin, its formula contains the 3 branched chain amino acids that are L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. It also contains Glutamine, Taurine, Magnesium and the indispensable vitamin B6.

    Why BCAA 4 from Quamtrax?

    BCAA 4 from Quamtrax is the supplement that will help to effectively increase your muscle mass, to develop it in a healthy and nourished way, to increase your strength, energy and resistance. With BCAA 4 from Quamtrax you can avoid catabolic damage to the muscles and promote their healthy recovery, especially after high-intensity routines and efforts. BCAA 4 from Quamtrax provides energy and helps prevent fatigue

    BCAA 4 from Quamtrax is designed for elite athletes with high-intensity professional routines and wear. Athletes who want to increase their muscle mass and volume in a healthy way or for those who are looking for a supplement that helps muscle recovery after exercise.

    How to consume BCAA 4?

    • Each dose of BCAA 4 from Quamtrax is equivalent to 1 measuring spoon of 5 gr, mix with water, juice or your favorite drink
    • Take two doses of product daily
    • Take one serving before training and one serving after training


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