BCAA 2000 – 240 Tablets


BCAA 2000 BY Musclecore Amix is ​​a dietary supplement composed of two forms of branched chain amino acids (BCAA), one in its free form and the other in the form of peptides. It is made for people who perform intense physical activity, since it collaborates with the construction, repair and maintenance of muscles and strengthens the immune system. Prove it now!

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BCAA 2000 from Musclecore Amix, ideal to strengthen your immune system, increase and improve performance during sports activity, a product at your fingertips.

BCAA 2000 from Musclecore Amix It comes with a scientifically balanced formula with three chained amino acids (L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine) added to essential co-factors and digestive enzymes. They are essential for muscle growth and recovery and may be the major source of energy involved in the growth of muscle mass and an integral part in the production of insulin, which in muscle tissue stimulates protein synthesis and inhibits protein breakdown.

BCAA 2000 from Musclecore Amix combines branched-chain amino acids with peptides isolated from fresh sweet whey using advanced fractionation and separation technologies, and is designed for better provision of amino acids in muscle tissue, obtaining amino acids with high bioavailability, contributing to better protein synthesis which favors muscle growth.

BCAA 2000 from Musclecore Amix can help reduce protein breakdown and muscle loss. During intense training or strict dieting, muscle loss becomes a real problem. That's why you need to supplement with BCAA 2000. BCAA 2000 has been a leading branched-chain amino acid supplement for nearly a decade. This is an amino acid supplement that works.This is why it has earned a place as a staple in supplementation for bodybuilders and other athletes. Especially effective for weight trainers, BCAAs offer a multitude of benefits that benefit anyone looking to build muscle and increase endurance, and best of all, they're a great complement to the latest generation of modern supplements: creatine, nitric oxide, and glutamine. .

Properties of BCAA 2000 from Musclecore Amix

  • Increases protein synthesis.
  • Promotes muscle building and recovery after exercise.
  • Prevents muscle catabolism (loss of muscle mass).
  • Promote recovery and positive nitrogen balance
  • They ensure the minimum supply of amino acids to avoid deficiencies
  • They boost the immune system
  • Increases endurance in workouts
  • Reduces fatigue during prolonged exercise

BCAA 2000 from Musclecore Amix It is a very important supplement that when taken together with a very balanced diet provides muscle mass with the necessary proteins after a very intense training, any athlete wants to increase their muscle mass and have the best performance in their discipline. If what you want is to increase your muscle mass, reduce fatigue during prolonged exercise or strengthen your immune system, you want to have final results in such a short time. BCAA 2000 FROM MUSCLECORE AMIX is ideal for you.

recommended use : As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules daily. For best results, take 2 capsules 45 minutes before training and another 2 within 30 minutes of the training session.


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