Bar Exclusive Protein Bar – 40g


Amix Exclusive Protein Bar is a bar that stands out for having a great texture, a very delicious flavor, a significant protein content and a light weight. This protein bar has been made with ingredients that form a powerful combination. It can be consumed between meals, between meals, before or after training.

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Barrita Exclusive Protein Bar from Amix will become the most delicious and protein companion of your workouts.

This is a bar that has been designed with the intention of facilitating protein consumption, no matter if it is after training or before.

This bar has been made with hydrolyzed beef peptides, hydrolyzed milk peptides, whey isolate, whey isolate that was very slightly hydrolyzed, among others. Simply an explosive combination. Exclusive Protein Bar from Amix, a very rich nutritional supplement that should not be missing from your training kit, as it provides what is necessary to help cover protein those needs that arise from intense training.

This special bar stands out for its great texture, its really delicious flavor, for its special lightness and for all its incredible protein content. Exclusive Protein Bar by Amix favors optimal recovery, favors the regeneration of muscle tissue, provides a significant amount of protein and favors the increase of energy with its carbohydrates. With the consumption of this unique protein bar you will be completely delighted, because it has two things that are very important, a healthy content and a wonderful flavor. Enjoy to the fullest with this fantastic bar.

With this nutritional supplement that comes in the form of a very tasty bar, you are going to favor your body considerably. Exclusive Protein Bar by Amix It is the best to provide protein to your body, the perfect option to have an excellent recovery and the most fun way to take a nutritional supplement. This protein bar can be consumed between meals, before training, between meals or after training. It does not matter if you train in the most intense way, with this bar you will benefit.

Properties of the Barrita Exclusive Protein Bar from Amix

  • Easy to transport protein bar.
  • It allows a very good recovery.
  • Bar with a good texture, very light and excellent flavor.
  • Made with highly effective components of the highest quality.
  • It has carbohydrates that help promote increased energy.
  • Ideal for athletes, people who are physically active, endurance and strength athletes.

This is a product that will enchant you with its flavor and will favor you with all its magnificent protein content. Exclusive Protein Bar from Amix is ​​a magnificent supplement that has a high protein content, provides the best support, has the best texture and is the best nutritional supplement in a bar that you are going to try. Do not miss the richest bar on the market.

recommended use: As a food supplement, eat one bar a day. It can be consumed between meals, between meals, before or after training.

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