Bach 10 Crab Apple – 20ml – OUTLET


Bach 10 Crab Apple by Bach is a Bach essence that will help purify the behavior of anyone experiencing an obsession with cleanliness, perfection and purification in general. It's made with the essence of crabapple blossom and grape alcohol, which comes in an easy-to-use dropper bottle.

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  • What are the features of Bach 10 Crab Apple by Bach?
  • What is in each take of Bach's Bach 10 Crab Apple?
  • Why take Bach 10 Crab Apple from Bach?
  • Bach 10 Bach Crab Apple RDA
  • Bach 10 Crab Apple will help you let go of the obsession with cleanliness and perfection in general. Overcome repetitive behavior and get effective purification!

    Bach 10 Crab Apple is an amazing Bach Essence, which has purifying benefits, and therefore helps those who have an obsession with cleanliness, or who have discouraging thoughts about not fitting into an unrealistic standard of physical perfection. For this, the flower of the wild apple tree and grape alcohol have been used.

    What are the characteristics of Bach 10 Crab Apple by Bach?

    • Contains the essence of the wild apple tree flower.
    • Treat people obsessed with cleanliness, hygiene and perfection.

    What's in every shot Bach 10 Crab Apple by Bach?

    Bach 10 Crab Apple by Bach comes in a dropper bottle containing 20 ml of flower essence.

    It has been made with a dilution of crab apple (flower of the wild apple tree) in a concentration of 1:240 and with grape alcohol.

    why take Bach 10 Crab Apple by Bach?

    Bach 10 Crab Apple is a Bach essence made from the essence of the crab apple flower, known for its cleansing qualities. It has been created with the intention of balancing emotions in people obsessed with hygiene and continuous cleanliness.They get so immersed in this that they can neglect very important aspects of their health. Dr. Bach defines this group as individuals who feel that there is something impure or wrong with them. They have compulsive behaviors and are specifically focused on getting rid of what they think is wrong with them. This essence also purifies wounds, if the person is sure that some poison has entered his body.

    You don't have to live demanding perfection when you have at your disposal Bach 10 Crab Apple by Bach. A person who has the characteristics of Crab Apple demonstrates repetitive behaviors around cleanliness. For example, they clean a surface more than once and disinfectants are used excessively. It's also possible that you're never sure if you've unplugged the appliances in your home. Therefore, when leaving, he constantly thinks of returning to make sure, delaying what he should do. They also persecute themselves with the idea that they have physical defects, which can cause other people to reject them and therefore not want to be with them.

    You can prevent these feelings from controlling your life by taking Crab Apple Bach 10. You will have a new way of seeing the world around you, without letting the idea of ​​perfect hygiene and cleanliness control you. You will have purified yourself from desperate behavior, accepting the imperfection of the world around you. You will also be able to see your virtues, without focusing on the imperfections.

    Bach 10 Bach Crab Apple RDA

    • Dissolve 2 drops in a glass of water, and drink in small sips throughout the day.
    • It is also possible to dilute 2 drops in a dropper bottle with 30 ml of water. In this case drink 4 drops, 4 times a day.


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