Babalu Triangle Bikini


Babalú Triangular Bikini by Babalú is a beautiful garment ideal for modern women who like to enjoy a day at the beach, pool, among other places, it has a simple, comfortable and very striking design, in addition, its cut favors the figure, stylizing it and highlighting its best attributes.

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Do not go unnoticed and look fabulous in the summer with Babalú Triangular Bikini by Babalú, a garment that offers you comfort and beauty at the same time.

The Babalú Triangular Bikini by Babalú is perfect for unique women like you, who want to stand out in any space but without abandoning comfort and safety, it looks great on any silhouette and helps to highlight each curve of your body, achieving a unique style and modern. On the other hand, this wonderful bikini is made with high quality materials, with very resistant and durable fabrics that withstand any environment to which it is exposed, it has very striking colors and a daring and original design, as the Babalú brand is accustomed, in addition, it has With a skin-friendly texture, it is the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Babalú Triangular Bikini by Babalú presents a two-piece bathing bikini and comes in sizes S and M, small and medium, respectively, it is made with a fabric with a pleasant texture and easy to keep in good condition, in addition to this, it has a lining for higher comfort. In this purpose, it has an innovative and modern design, in watercolor purple and ocher tones, with beautiful prints, the bra is tied at the back and around the neck, while the panty is full coverage, additionally, it has details in rhinestones in both pieces, giving it an extra touch and thus showing its originality.

Babalú Triangular Bikini by Babalú is the perfect outfit to wear in the summer, it contributes to your style and also offers you the opportunity to carry out any type of activity with total normality without worrying that it will move or be untied, in the case particular bra. In this order of ideas, this fabulous bikini will make you shine and not go unnoticed, you will feel and look spectacular, it is important to mention that, being made with quality materials, its durability increases, therefore, you will be able to enjoy this beautiful garment for a long time, in addition, it will not lose its color or its shape.

Properties of the Babalú Triangular Bikini by Babalú

  • Article of clothing
  • Strong and durable fabric
  • Comes in two colors, watercolor purple and ocher
  • It has rhinestone decoration
  • It is two pieces
  • Helps to stylize the figure
  • Ideal to use in the summer
  • Perfect for all body types
  • Does not lose its color or shape
  • Exclusive use for ladies
  • Features 84% ​​polyamide
  • It has 16% elastane and lining

This incredible bikini is exclusively for women who want and want to have a garment that gives them confidence and freedom of movement, and if it is beautiful, it gives an extra touch to look good at the beach, pool or anywhere else. In this sense, with Babalú Triangular Bikini by Babalú you will be able to create unique combinations with other complements and accessories, forming your own style, it is a garment that will enhance your beauty, marking your figure with its original design, it can also be used by athletes and/or amateur or professional athletes without age limit, who want to show off their silhouette after the physical work done.

recommended use: As a garment, use in the summer, to go to the beach, swimming pool, among others.


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