Auris Lemon – 60ml


Auris Lemon from Soria Natural is an innovative supplement based on lemon liqueur with natural trace elements such as gold, silver and copper, which make it suitable for improving various disorders and conditions at a general level, such as bone disorders, skin disorders, digestive disorders, of the immune and circulatory system, among others, it also has a delicate aroma and pleasant taste.

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  • Main characteristics of Auris Lemon from Soria Natural
  • What does Auris Lemon from Soria Natural provide?
  • Why take Auris Lemon from Soria Natural?
  • How do you take Auris Lemon from Soria Natural?
  • Improve your general health with Auris Lemon from Soria Natural, a product with a pleasant taste that will provide your body with excellent nutrients that are essential for its optimal functioning.

    Auris Lemon from Soria Natural is a novel product made from lemon liqueur with the natural trace elements gold, silver and copper, with highly beneficial properties for maintaining the health of the body in good condition, thanks to the great nutritional contribution that each one offers. of these three fundamental ingredients, making it indicated to improve disorders at a general level that will allow you to obtain the maximum possible well-being after its intake. Copper helps improve blood circulation, acts as a conductor of energy and allows for proper glandular function, likewise gold is effective in neutralizing and reducing pain and inflammation of arthritis, promoting joint health, silver has properties that help strengthen the immune system, reducing bacteria in our body. Auris Lemon from Soria Natural provides these and other benefits that will significantly improve your quality of life.

    Main features of Auris Lemon from Soria Natural

    • It is a product made from lemon liqueur and trace elements copper, gold and silver of natural origin.
    • Improves body functions
    • Helps combat general disorders
    • Helps improve blood circulation
    • Acts as a conductor of energy
    • Allows good glandular function
    • Supports digestive health
    • Helps combat symptoms of joint conditions such as arthritis
    • Helps strengthen the immune system
    • Helps prevent infections
    • Improves bone and skin problems
    • It has a pleasant flavor and delicate aroma.

    That contribute Auris Lemon from Soria Natural?

    This great supplement comes in a liquid presentation, which provides an effective absorption of its nutrients, it also has the adequate amounts of its components that make it safer and more reliable at the time of consumption.

    The ingredients of the formula are:

    • Copper gluconate (salt)
    • Copper (pure element)
    • Silver gluconate (salt)
    • Silver (pure element)
    • Colloidal gold (pure element)
    • lemon liqueur

    why take Auris Lemon from Soria Natural?

    Its wonderful formula based on a unique combination of natural trace elements (gold, silver and copper), makes it one of the best supplements available, since it offers enormous benefits that will contribute to the improvement of your health in a guaranteed way, it is effective for the treatment of severe infections, helps to combat bone and joint problems, such as osteoarthritis, arthritis and rheumatism, improves skin and circulatory system problems, is useful in digestive disorders and combats the deficit in the immune system, among other multiple benefits that will give you the maximum possible satisfaction.

    Auris Lemon from Soria Natural is ideal for adults who are looking for a natural and more effective option to maintain their health in optimal conditions, as well as collaborating with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

    How do you take Auris Lemon from Soria Natural?

    • To enjoy it responsibly, it is recommended to take the amount of 2ml
    • Take at any time, according to your needs
    • Consume 1 to 3 times a day


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