ATP Energy Liquid – 10 vials of 25ml


ATP Energy Liquid from Amix is ​​a nutritional supplement that covers the requirements and increases the supply of ATP in the body. Recommended to stimulate energy production, increase strength, delay the onset of fatigue, facilitate recovery and enjoy optimal sports performance.

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Amix ATP Energy Liquid: Helps increase strength and delay fatigue during daily training

ATP Energy Liquid from Amix is ​​a dietary supplement with a patented formula that provides the body with the essential molecule Adenosine 5'Triphosphate Disodium, which is of great vitality to produce energy. In that sense, taking this powerful supplement will be a wise decision to increase strength, endurance, delay fatigue and promote recovery for ideal muscle building.

As we may know, each cell in our body has its own "fuel" that supplies the energy necessary to perform activities and, in the case of muscle fibers, ATP is the source of vitality that helps to perform each of the exercises with vigor. . However, due to the high demands in sports, it is vital to reinforce energy production, which is why specialists in the area of ​​nutrition and sports recommend the supplementation of this substance, and even more so when it comes to ATP Energy Liquid from Amix. . ATP Energy Liquid from Amix is ​​an excellent nutritional supplement that provides the right amount of ATP to cover the requirements and, therefore, stimulate resistance and strength, as well as help the body to delay fatigue and contribute to the Recovery. Fortunately, for greater benefits, ATP Energy Liquid adds other important elements to its composition that enhance the positive effects of ATP.On the one hand, it has a perfect dose of caffeine, taurine and, in addition, it includes a pleasant mix of different teas, ideal to maximize energy supply and finally reach any goal in training. Another benefit of choosing ATP Energy Liquid from Amix is ​​that it is incredibly convenient to drink since it comes in a liquid format, which is quickly absorbed and, best of all, it is available in a pack to transport to the training site and thus enjoy the best vigor to give everything in each force movement.

Properties of the ATP Energy Liquid product from Amix

  • Increases ATP levels in the body
  • Stimulates proper energy production
  • Increases endurance and strength
  • delays fatigue
  • stimulates recovery
  • Boosted with taurine, caffeine and different types of teas
  • Convenient pack of 10 x 25 ml
  • It has an attractive and practical packaging

ATP Energy Liquid from Amix is ​​exactly what an athlete or any fitness enthusiast needs to boost their body's energy production and ultimately improve sports performance. Without a doubt, the result will be more resistance and vitality to reach the goal.

recommended use: as a sports supplement, take 1 vial (25 ml) about 20 or 30 minutes before physical training.

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