ATP Energy – 90 Capsules


ATP Energy from AMIX Nutrition is a patented formula for the supplementation of adenosine triphosphate or ATP to the body, which is what is responsible for creating energy in the body. It is intended for pre-training, although it can also be used to recover lost energy after training.

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ATP Energy from AMIX Nutrition, the new generation of supplementation to gain and recover energy.

ATP Energy from AMIX Nutrition It is a patented formula that provides the exact molecule of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the main source of energy for the body for most cellular functions. ATP originates in the body itself, by the metabolism of food in special cell organelles called mitochondria. Several studies show that, during the period of old age, almost 50% of this molecule is lost, resulting in a loss of energy by the elderly, which requires supplementation to help replenish the amounts of reserves energetic cells of the body.

ATP Energy from AMIX Nutrition It contains PEAK® ATP, the patented formula that is revolutionizing the market, as it increases the amount of ATP in the body without the need to eat more food. Clinically proven that a dose of ATP Energy – PEAK® ATP helps to increase strength, due to the increase in energy and delays the onset of fatigue, thus increasing the resistance condition. As if that were not enough, it also promotes the improvement of glucose in the blood and its reserve, nutrients and oxygen in the muscles, favoring muscle recovery.

ATP Energy from AMIX Nutrition It helps exponentially to recharge the energies before training, since it is helping to directly promote the generating source of energy.Although if you want it also after training, it is a good supplement, because it would guarantee the recovery of the missing energy due to wear in an exercise routine or an intense and exhaustive sports practice. It is an excellent supplement for elite athletes that provides a more efficient transport of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues while significantly increasing ATP deposits naturally.

Properties of ATP Energy from AMIX Nutrition

  • New generation patented formula
  • Provides more strength and energy
  • Delays tiredness and fatigue
  • Increases resistance
  • Directly increases the ATP reserve
  • Helps to better transport nutrients and oxygen
  • Facilitates muscle recovery
  • Great support for preheating

ATP Energy from AMIX Nutrition is a novel product created for total supplementation on the subject of seeking extra energy in the best possible way. The naturalness with which you will increase your physical performance will be due to a spontaneous factor of the body, where strength and resistance will be increased, so that the training is more explosive and intense, achieving the results you were looking for.

recommended use Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule twice daily, once before training.

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