Ashwagandha 600 Sport – 60 capsules


Ashwagandha 600 Sport from Olimp Sport is a wonderful high-quality food supplement made with KSM-66 patented extract of ashwagandha root, an herb with incredible medicinal properties that helps you maintain and improve vitality, well-being and emotional balance. a great component that improves sports performance and health in general.

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Ashwagandha 600 Sport from Olimp Sport is a powerful product with highly beneficial properties for the body, which you must include in your daily diet.

Olimp sport has designed a unique formula on the market with unsurpassed quality, made from pure ashwagandha, an herb from India with unparalleled properties, which provides multiple benefits to the body, helping you stay healthy in a totally natural.

Olimp Sport Ashwagandha 600 Sport It brings well-being to your mental health as it helps during periods of low concentration, exhaustion and fatigue, supports learning processes, memory and maintains excellent mental capacity in the elderly.

This extraordinary product also considerably improves physical performance, as it helps you improve aerobic endurance, recovery and muscle strength, it is a novel component that has multiple benefits in improving sports performance and health in all areas. Ashwagandha 600 Sport from Olimp Sport also has antioxidant properties and helps the proper functioning of the nervous, reproductive and immune systems. It is definitely a unique product on the market that provides an incredible number of benefits to the body on a physical and mental level, which makes it an essential supplement that helps you lead a completely healthy life.

Olimp Sport Ashwagandha 600 Sport It is designed for all those people who want better well-being in their day-to-day life, to help them perform perfectly in their routine activities, it is ideal for athletes and users of all kinds, it is a first-hand complement that we should all add to our daily diet. It is also a completely natural product without any type of chemical additive, so its contributions are 100% beneficial, guaranteeing maximum general well-being.

Properties of Ashwagandha 600 Sport from Olimp Sport

  • Maintains and improves vitality, well-being and emotional balance
  • Helps in periods of low concentration and fatigue
  • Supports learning and memory processes
  • Improves endurance and muscle strength
  • Provides proper functioning of the nervous and immune system
  • Offers greater physical and mental well-being
  • Improves sports performance
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients

Specifications per dose (1 capsule):

  • Contains 300 mg of ashwagandha root extract (withania somnifera L) KSM-66, of which 15 mg (5%) are with anolides.

If you are looking for a supplement that provides a great improvement to your physical and mental health, Ashwagandha 600 Sport from Olimp Sport is the perfect supplement that provides you with an incredible amount of benefits that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle, offering you optimal well-being. and a better quality of life.

Recommended use: As a food supplement, take 1 capsule 2 times a day with food and plenty of water.


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