Artichoke – 30 vegetable capsules


The Drasanvi Artichoke is a food supplement made with vegetable capsules that makes it high for vegans, gluten intolerant and vegetarians. This also helps in the care of the digestive system and in the purification of the organism.

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Drasanvi artichoke to take care of the digestive and liver system

The Drasanvi Artichoke is a food supplement that can be used to take care of the digestive and hepatic system, this means that its intake favors the digestive process and contributes to the body in terms of its depurative function. This product is presented in the form of standardized plant extracts, which means that it is ensured that by ingesting it you will be able to receive the adequate and constant amount of its active ingredients. It provides around 3% cynarin, which is the active ingredient responsible for all its properties.

The artichoke is a plant that is often grown as a food. Its leaves have a composition that is complex in active ingredients and stands out from others of its kind for being rich in caffeylquinic acids and derivatives, that is, cynarin and chlorogenic acid. The Drasanvi Artichoke is presented in vegetable capsules, which makes it suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Drasanvi is one of the most respected companies in all of Spain and Europe due to the excellent quality of its products. Everything they make complies with one of the strictest safety and quality regulations.

Drasanvi Artichoke Properties

  • It does not have gluten, which makes it ideal for consumption by people intolerant to it.
  • Contains a high concentration of active ingredients.
  • It is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.
  • It is presented in a container that contains 30 capsules.
  • Supports the care of the digestive and liver system.
  • It is ideal for all those who want to purify the body.
  • It is an allergen-free product.
  • Its capsules are vegetable, which makes it an ideal product for vegetarians and vegans.
  • It does not contain dyes, sugars or preservatives.

The Drasanvi Artichoke is undoubtedly a product that contains so many benefits that combined make it the perfect article. The use of concentrated dry extracts in its preparation is what allows a person to obtain the same dose in each capsule, in this case if you ingest 1 daily dose you can enjoy 16 mg of cynarin, and in turn this characteristic makes it a product that can be taken with ease. The vegetable capsules used in its preparation are certified by the Vegetarian Society.

recommended use: It is important that you only take one capsule a day, always accompanied by one of the main meals.


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