Arginine AKG – 150 Capsules


Peak Arginine AKG is a supplement created for athletes and people looking to maximize their physical performance during exercise. It is a supplement made from arginine in its alpha-ketoglutarate form, of the highest bioavailability, with vasodilator properties that improve blood circulation and favor optimal blood supply to the muscles.

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  • What are the characteristics of Peak's Arginine AKG?
  • Peak Arginine AKG Format and Ingredients
  • What is Peak's Arginine AKG taken for?
  • Peak RDA of Arginine AKG
  • Peak Arginine AKG, the best supplement based on arginine, with the highest bioavailability for the best physical and sports performance.

    L-Arginine is an amino acid that over the years has been a fundamental element in the nutrition of athletes around the world, and this is precisely due to the properties it provides, especially in the field of sports. This is why Arginine AKG from Peak arrives, an extraordinary sports supplement that has opted for the highest quality arginine with the greatest bioavailability, so that your body can make the most of its benefits and thus enhance its physical performance and achieve optimally the best results. With Arginine AKG from Peak you can significantly improve blood supply to the muscles, increasing their strength and helping to keep them nourished and oxygenated. In addition to that, Peak's Arginine AKG is ideal for helping your muscles recover, effectively eliminating nitrogenous compounds, promoting collagen synthesis, among other extraordinary properties. Don't wait any longer and enjoy the power of arginine in your body and sports performance, with Arginine AKG from Peak.

    What are the characteristics of the Peak's Arginine AKG?

    • It is a complement for sportsmen and athletes
    • Made with the best quality L-Arginine
    • It has a formula with a high bioavailability
    • It is an excellent vasodilator supplement
    • Improves oxygenated blood circulation to the muscles
    • Improves and enhances muscle recovery
    • Helps maintain energy during training
    • Improves muscle performance in exercise
    • Promotes and favors the synthesis of collagen
    • Helps to recover the joints after training
    • Has anti-catabolic properties
    • Promotes the elimination of nitrogenous compounds
    • Its formula increases nitric oxide
    • Helps maintain strength and endurance
    • Supports performance during prolonged workouts

    Ingredients and format Peak's Arginine AKG

    Peak Arginine AKG is an excellent supplement designed in a capsule presentation, which makes its dosage much easier, especially for athletes who need to take the dose at the right time, in a practical and simple way.

    Peak Arginine AKG is made with Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, an extremely effective and bioavailable form of Arginine of the highest quality.

    Content per dose (4 capsules):

    • Contains 4000 mg of arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG)

    what is it taken for Peak's Arginine AKG?

    Arginine AKG from Peak is a supplement that will allow you to get the most out of your muscles and considerably increase your physical performance during your workouts, in an effective, safe and proven way, with one of the best arginines available and of the highest quality for your body.

    Peak Arginine AKG is especially indicated for athletes and athletes who want to increase their sports performance through the consumption of quality arginine.

    Peak RDA of Arginine AKG

    • As a sports supplement, take 4 to 5 capsules daily
    • Take preferably before training
    • Take the dose with plenty of water


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