Arginine – 90 capsules


Bigman's Arginine is a food supplement of L-Arginine that is totally bioavailable to the body, which allows this amino acid, which is the precursor of nitric oxide, which notably increases energy and muscle strength, helping you to train more and better, and favoring the optimal development, growth and recovery of the muscles.

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  • Main characteristics of Arginine from BigMan
  • What's in each shot of BigMan's Arginine?
  • BigMan Arginine Benefits
  • Recommended daily dose of Arginine
  • It provides your body and your muscles with the necessary amounts of L-Arginine, which increases your performance, your energy and your strength in a natural and effective way.

    L-Arguinine is an amino acid that plays several important roles in our body. It is a conditionally essential amino acid, that is, under ideal conditions, it can be produced by the body. However, with physical exertion and without a proper diet, the body cannot produce the necessary amounts of arginine. Bigman's Arginine is a supplement that stands out in the market not only for having a high-quality, state-of-the-art formula, but also because it offers high amounts of arginine per dose, sufficient not only to cover the requirements but also to enhance its effects. in the body, such as the increase in nitric oxide, essential for cellular energy and especially for muscles, improvement of physical performance, increase in muscle mass, and the correct recovery after high intensity training. Bigman's Arginine also increases insulin levels offering high anabolic power.

    Main features of BigMan's Arginine

    • Contains high amounts of high purity L-Arginine per dose
    • Stimulates the production of nitric oxide
    • Significantly improves sports performance
    • Promotes the growth of muscle mass
    • Improves muscle recovery
    • It has a high anabolic power
    • Improves sports performance
    • Increases insulin production
    • Prevents muscle catabolism
    • Increases energy and muscle strength
    • Promotes oxygenation of the muscles and improves vascularity
    • Stimulates blood pumping during workouts

    What's in every shot BigMan's Arginine?

    Bigman's Arginine is a food supplement made in a presentation of easy-to-dosage capsules, which allows you to quickly and easily provide good amounts of arginine to your body when you need it.

    Bigman's Arginine is made with L-Arginine, Calcium Carbonate, and Magnesium Stearate.

    Content per dose (2 capsules)

    • It has an energy value of 1.48 Kcal
    • Provides 700 mg of L-Arginine

    Benefits of BigMan's Arginine

    Bigman's Arginine is the food supplement that guarantees the optimal, healthy and efficient supply of L-Arginine, an amino acid that improves physical and muscular performance, favoring the production of nitric oxide which increases cellular energy. Bigman's Arginine is a food supplement with high anabolic power, which in addition to helping your muscles grow, also allows the positive effects of your training to be maintained for longer, avoiding the appearance of the catabolic effect, protecting your muscles and keeping them healthy. healthy.

    Bigman's Arginine is ideal for athletes looking for reliable l-arginine supplementation for their workouts, especially the most intense ones.

    Recommended daily dose of Arginine

    • As a food supplement, take 2 capsules of the product
    • Take the dose 1 time before training
    • Take the dose every day


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