Arginine 500mg – 100 Capsules


Arginine from Now Foods is a food supplement that will provide you with an excellent dose of arginine, a conditionally essential amino acid, which is also an incredible precursor of nitric oxide. It enhances DNA synthesis and is also involved in protein production. Its consumption increases physical power.

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  • Now Foods Arginine Essentials
  • Composition of Arginine from Now Foods
  • Why take Arginine from Now Foods?
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  • Now Foods Arginine will increase your physical power, help you gain muscle and improve your endurance. Get the boost you need for your workout!

    Arginine from Now Foods is a food supplement that will provide you with a wonderful concentration of L-Arginine, an excellent amino acid to increase your physical power. Although it is conditionally essential, it is an important nutrient in the assimilation of DNA, in the production of proteins and to improve endurance.

    Essentials of Now Foods Arginine

    • Promotes greater physical power.
    • Involved in protein production.
    • Improves resistance.

    Composition of Arginine by Now Foods

    Each recommended dose of 2 capsules daily contributes to the body with 1000 mg of L-Arginine in free form.

    why take Now Foods Arginine?

    Arginine from Now Foods is a food supplement that concentrates L-Arginine, an amino acid of great help in increasing power and physical capacity. It has a conditionally essential character, which nevertheless favors physical activity, since it acts as a precursor of nitric oxide. Therefore improves vasodilation. In the same way, it increases resistance as it helps eliminate ammonia through urea, favoring the prolongation of physical activity.In addition to this, it intervenes in the synthesis of DNA and in the production of proteins in the organism.

    You will have a superior boost in your physical capacity with this Arginine from Now Foods. Nitric oxide is essential to have an intense training and with incredible results. Your body releases this molecule into your bloodstream at the most critical times when you exercise. It does this to expand the capacity of the veins and arteries, thereby allowing more blood to pass through. As a consequence, more oxygen and nutrients reach the muscles, improving strength, energy and endurance. This supplement will ensure excellent levels of this element in your body, so that in the most demanding moments you will be able to give your best.

    You cannot miss the benefits that Arginine from Now Foods provides for general health. Arginine is a nutrient of great help to preserve muscle mass. And this is why it is usually recommended in older adults to help them counteract the signs of the passage of time, strengthening their muscle tissues and reducing the possibility of suffering major injuries. Its presence in the body also prevents and fights inflammation, and promotes good cardiovascular health. In the same way it improves sexuality, since it can be part of a treatment for erectile dysfunction in men. In addition to this, it helps reduce sugar levels in diabetics.

    RDA of Arginine from Now Foods

    • Take 2 capsules per day.
    • Take between daily meals or before going to sleep.


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