Arginine 3000 – 90 Capsules


Arginin 3000 from IO.Genix is ​​a wonderful supplement based on L-arginine, an amino acid whose main objective is to stimulate growth for muscle development, improve sports performance, enhance the immune response, promote muscle recovery and favor the explosive production of energy from the inner part of the muscle fibers.

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  • What is IO.Genix Arginine 3000?
  • What does Arginin 3000 provide?
  • What is IO.Genix Arginin 3000 taken for?
  • How to consume Arginin 3000?
  • Arginin 3000 from IO.Genix, the best dietary supplement based on L-arginine that allows you to enhance the development of muscle mass in a natural and safe way!

    Arginin 3000 from IO.Genix is ​​a wonderful nutritional supplement developed with an excellent base of L-arginine, a semi-essential amino acid that helps to enhance the development of muscle mass, increase strength, reduce body fat, decrease catabolism and increase the production of nitric oxide to maximize physical performance and thus obtain better results in training and exercise routines.

    What is the Arginine 3000 from IO.Genix?

    • It is a food supplement that helps stimulate the growth of muscle mass.
    • Increases muscle recovery and delays the symptoms of fatigue.
    • Promotes the reduction and burning of body fat.
    • Accelerates and protects the immune system.
    • Elevates the vasodilation process and minimizes catabolism.
    • Increases energy and vitality rates.

    What does the Arginine 3000?

    Arginin 3000 from IO.Genix comes in a practical and convenient presentation in capsules designed with a high-potency natural formula, which contains a series of benefits and properties that help maintain the good condition, stability and proper functioning of the body, as well as , it is perfect to improve the development of muscle mass, increase power and contribute to the burning of body fat. Arginin 3000 from IO.Genix is ​​a food supplement free of artificial and chemical preservatives that can alter the health of the body.

    Content per dose (3 capsules):

    • Contains 3000 mg of L-arginine.

    What is it taken for? Arginine 3000 from IO.Genix?

    L-arginine is an incredible semi-essential amino acid and one of the most versatile in terms of metabolic functions and properties to promote the well-being of the body. This amino acid plays a fundamental role in a series of cellular processes, including the stimulation of growth hormone, protection of muscle mass, strengthening of the immune system, fat reduction and detoxification of the liver, in addition, it is essential for blood vessels and the heart, since it guarantees arterial stability. For this reason, IO.Genix has developed Arginin 3000, a magnificent food supplement with an extraordinary natural formula based on L-arginine that promotes muscle development, increases strength and physical performance, intervenes in the release of insulin, It boosts the immune system, minimizes body fat, helps optimal muscle recovery and increases the vasodilation process. On the other hand, it is ideal for wound healing.

    Arginin 3000 from IO.Genix, is highly recommended for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and athletes in general who want to increase the development of muscle mass in a healthy way, as well as looking to reduce body fat, balance the functioning of the body and promote the rapid recovery of muscles after training.

    How to consume Arginin 3000?

    • As a food supplement, take 3 capsules.
    • Take preferably with meals.
    • Consume one dose daily.


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