Arginine – 300 Capsules


Arginine from Life Pro Nutrition is a high-quality food supplement ideal for optimizing blood flow, increasing the delivery of nutrients to the muscles, improving performance, increasing energy and maximizing recovery after training.

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  • What is LifePRO Arginine taken for?
  • Why buy Arginine?
  • How is Arginine taken?
  • Biography / Scientific studies
  • LifePRO Arginine

    • It is a food supplement composed of a formula that provides arginine, which is an amino acid precursor of nitric oxide that has great vasodilator, stimulant and antibacterial properties.

    what is it taken for LifePRO Arginine

    • Increases vasodilation and promotes the sensation of pump or pumping during sports activities, which makes the muscles look bulky and more swollen.
    • Promotes muscle growth.
    • Helps to keep the energy deposits of the muscles always full and ready for physical efforts.
    • Protects the immune system and promotes the production of lymphocytes.
    • It allows to optimize performance and improve recovery after training and physical activity.

    Why buy Arginine?

    • Ideal to be consumed by all those sports enthusiasts who seek to increase their physical performance, improve recovery, gain muscle mass and raise energy.
    • It contains a formula based on top quality ingredients and maximum absorption.
    • It comes in an easy-to-take and administer capsule format.

    how do you take Arginine?

    • Take 3 capsules.
    • Consume preferably before training or bedtime.

    Biography / Scientific studies

    • Daraei A. L-Arginine Improves Endurance to High-Intensity Interval Exercises in Overweight Men Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2020.


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