Aqua Prim – 250ml


Aqua Prim from Eladiet is a food supplement with antioxidant, satiating, remineralizing and diuretic properties whose main function is to help prevent the retention of fluids and toxins in the body, combat free radical damage, optimize kidney function, raise urinary action and prevent kidney stones.

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  • What are the characteristics of Aqua Prim by Eladiet?
  • Ingredients and format of Aqua Prim from Eladiet
  • What is Eladiet's Aqua Prim taken for?
  • Recommended daily dose of Aqua Prim from Eladiet
  • Optimize the main functions of the body and encourage the elimination of retained liquids with Aqua Prim from Eladiet, the food supplement that cannot be missing from your pantry.

    Aqua Prim from Eladiet is an extraordinary food supplement formulated with a composition based on vitamins and plant extracts that combats the accumulation of fluids in the body, protects and optimizes kidney function, prevents kidney infections, encourages cleaning and purification of the body, treat cases of urethritis, kidney stones and cystitis, increase the secretion of serotonin and combat free radicals and early aging.

    What are the characteristics of Aqua Prim by Eladiet?

    • It is a food supplement made with a formula based on plant extracts and natural ingredients that support the purification and elimination of retained fluids and weight control.
    • It has powerful diuretic, antioxidant, satiating, antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, healing and remineralizing properties.
    • It stimulates kidney function and increases the volume of urine.
    • Elevates serotonin secretion and minimizes anxiety.
    • It allows treating urethritis, prostatitis, cystitis and kidney stones.
    • It favors the performance of the kidneys and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

    Ingredients and format Aqua Prim by Eladiet

    Aqua Prim from Eladiet, comes in an exclusive presentation in the form of a syrup, made with a complete and nourishing formula based on natural ingredients of high quality of absorption, which contain multiple properties that allow stimulating, caring for and fortifying the health of the processes. body vitals.

    Content per dose (15 ml):

    • Contains 750 mg of Actilight (fructooligosaccharides).
    • Contains 300 mg of red grape juice.
    • Contains 750 mg of grapefruit juice.
    • Contains 500 mg of horsetail extract.
    • Contains 500 mg of orthosiphon extract.
    • Contains 500 mg of pilosella extract.
    • It has 500 mg of pumpkin seeds.
    • It has 45 mg of griffonia.
    • It has 80 mg of vitamin C.
    • It has 12 mg of vitamin E.
    • It has 1.4 mg of vitamin B6.
    • It has 2.5 mg of vitamin B12

    what is it taken for Aqua Prim by Eladiet?

    Horsetail is a medicinal plant that has a high content of active ingredients and healing, antianemic, anti-inflammatory, antidiarrheal, antioxidant and antifungal properties that help improve and maintain health naturally, stimulate the construction of red blood cells, prevent appearance of fungi and eczema, reduce fluid retention, protect bone structure and reduce kidney infections and cystitis. Aqua Prim from Eladiet is a food supplement that combines the functions of horsetail, orthosiphon, pilosella and other natural ingredients that help relieve fluid retention, neutralize toxic substances in the body and improve kidney function.

    Aqua Prim from Eladiet is a highly recommended food supplement to be used by anyone looking to detoxify, purify and relieve fluid retention and prevent the onset of urinary tract infections naturally and without adverse effects.

    Recommended daily dose of Aqua Prim from Eladiet

    • As a food supplement, consume 15 ml.
    • Dilute in 1.5 liters of water.
    • Take the dose daily.


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