Apitox cream – 10 sachets 4ml


Apitox Cream from Prisma Natural is a wonderful topical cream recommended for the treatment of joint pain, muscle contractures, bruises, sprains, tendinitis and inflammation. Its main components are bee venom (apitoxin), honey extract and menthol. A box of Apitox cream contains 10 sachets of 4 ml each.

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Apitox Cream from Prisma Natural, refreshes your skin and immediately relieves pain

Apitox cream is a wonderful cream with a refreshing effect, a light texture and rapid absorption made with 100% natural ingredients such as bee venom (apitoxin), honey and menthol, among other components that have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, contributing to the relief of pain. muscles and joints. It is recommended to use Apitox cream to relieve bruises, sprains, tendonitis, muscle contractures and inflammation.

After long-term training or surgical interventions, the body tends to swell, in the same way, staying in the same position for a long time, putting liquids in or having a high level of cortisol can cause certain internal or external areas to swell, causing discomfort and pain. . The solution for this type of case is to apply the excellent Apitox cream with a light massage. The different active ingredients in this topical cream relieve pain immediately, helping to inhibit pain while stimulating greater relaxation and less blood flow and inflammation. Apitoxin or bee venom is an effective analgesic and natural anti-inflammatory. Bee venom is secreted by two pairs of glands, one of an acidic nature and the other alkaline, it is the substance that the bee injects through the stinger when it stings.This active ingredient in Apitox cream favors the rapid relief of joint and muscle conditions, contributing to rapid healing. The bee honey extract present in Apitox Cream from Prisma Natural is highly nourishing and moisturizing.

This ingredient is known worldwide thanks to its multiple benefits for the skin, among which its natural antiseptic properties and its ability to keep the skin soft and elastic by regenerating cells stand out. Menthol is the star ingredient par excellence when doing massages as it has a cold and refreshing effect that relaxes the area of ​​the skin where it is applied. Its analgesic, toning and antiseptic benefits make menthol a perfect asset to calm muscle pain, osteoarthritis and inflammation. A box of Apitox cream contains 10 sachets of 4ml each, specially designed so that you can always carry them with you throughout the day and during your longest physical training sessions. Regenerate your skin and say goodbye forever to those annoying muscle pains and inflammations using the effective Apitox Cream from Prisma Natural.

Properties of Apitox Cream from Prisma Natural

  • Calms muscle pain.
  • It is anti-inflammatory.
  • It has a cooling effect
  • Nourish your skin.
  • Ideal for massages.

Apply Apitox Cream from Prisma Natural to your body every time you want to relieve muscle pain and nourish your delicate skin.

Recommended use: Apply to the desired area with a gentle circular massage until completely absorbed.


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