Apicol Gola Spray – 25ml


Apicol Gola Spray from Tongil, It is a food supplement combined by a powerful mixture of natural ingredients such as anise, licorice, propolis and mint, whose properties are used 100% to offer a spray that will act immediately on the affected throat, thanks to its spectacular applicator, softening the respiratory system and effectively relieving your general discomfort.

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  • Main characteristics of Apicol Gola Spray from Tongil
  • Composition of the Apicol Gola Spray of Tongil
  • What is achieved with Tongil's Apicol Gola Spray?
  • Recommended daily dose of Apicol Gola Spray
  • With Apicol Gola Spray from Tongil: Get rid of congestion and preserve your respiratory health! Do not wait more.

    The Apicol Gola Spray from Tongil is an effective food supplement in the form of a spray made up of medicinal plants carefully extracted from the crop to protect all its properties. Anise, mint, licorice and propolis offer us the perfect combination to relieve discomfort. throat, cleanse and protect the respiratory system, this wonderful spray allows you to inhale the special oils and enjoy immediate relief, as it helps you fight congestion and cough while preserving your respiratory health.

    Main features of the Apicol Gola Spray by Tongil

    • Spray based on liquorice, propolis, mint and anise.
    • Offers freshness to the mouth and throat.
    • Soothes the upper respiratory tract.
    • Cleans and opens the airways.
    • Relieves inflammation of the throat and pharynx.
    • It acts quickly against irritation, cough or throat clearing.

    Composition of the Apicol Gola Spray by Tongil

    The Apicol Gola Spray from Tongil, are manufactured in an excellent presentation in the form of a 25ml Spray, which is practical and versatile that you can take wherever you want, since they fit in any bag or backpack, just by shaking it will be ready for use. use and you will not have to think about if it spills inside your bag because thanks to its shape it will not happen.

    Content per dose (9 nebulizations):

    • Contains 46.5mg of purified propolis glycolic extract
    • Contains 109.5mg of licorice glycolic extract
    • It has 31mg of anise essential oil
    • It has 46.5mg of mint essential oil.
    • Contains 75mg of myrrh dry extract
    • It has 75mg of dry extract of Erísimo

    What is achieved with Apicol Gola Spray by Tongil?

    Tongil, is a prestigious brand recognized for the quality and effectiveness of its formulas, over the years it has dedicated itself to meeting the needs of its customers by innovating in the mixture of natural plants, valuing your health above all else, which is why it creates The Apicol Gola Spray, an effective spray made with the most select natural ingredients that lubricate, refresh the mouth, throat and pharynx, immediately improving irritation in the area caused by various environmental factors, in addition its exclusive applicator arrives at once to the affected area, renewing your tissues and making them more resistant to environmental aggressions, keeping it in perfect condition.

    Apicol Gola Spray from Tongil, is a fabulous Spray that will keep your throat in optimal conditions, ideal for people who work in places with excessive dust, who breathe in polluted environments such as tobacco smoke, people who force their voices or talk too much like salesmen, bosses, teachers, artists.

    Recommended daily dose of Apicol Gola Spray

    • Inhale 2 to 3 mouth sprays.
    • Depending on the need, it can be vacuumed at any time of the day.
    • Consume depending on the need, maximum 3 times a day.


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