Animal M-Stak – 21 Packs


Animal M-Stak by Animal is a supplement designed to boost muscle with amazing natural ingredients. Get incredible development through its isoflavones that boost your development. It has a complete set of amino acids intended to promote greater growth, through sterones, flavones, natural stimulants and adaptogens.


Animal M-Stak by Animal, more muscle mass and higher performance with natural ingredients. You have to try its incredible benefits in your training!

Animal M-Stak by Animal is a sports supplement made with natural ingredients that enhance your muscles and improve your training.

Take advantage of the power contained in natural stimulants, adaptogens, sterones and flavones that have the ability to increase muscle volume and prevent its possible reduction or catabolism. Its components profoundly improve nitrogen retention thanks to the amino acids it incorporates into the bloodstream. Thanks to this, it favors the regeneration capacity of the organism, since it plays a decisive role in repairing and building muscle fibers. In this way you will obtain a very effective synthesis of proteins. Excellent for those who have trouble gaining more muscle in the gym.

You can't get stuck with Animal M-Stak by Animal. Whether you are just starting your training or you are already a seasoned athlete, in either case you may experience plateaus in your physical development. This supplement offers you in these cases a deep boost to your metabolism, allowing you to progress and achieve your goals. Its ingredients will help you physically and mentally. Its virtues will also favor your cognition, reduce the stress of each workout and reduce mental fatigue.This pre-workout supplement contributes to physical development with a highly effective protein synthesis with natural components. It is an increase that will also allow you to recover much faster.

You will be able to rely on secure and emphasized development with Animal M-Stak by Animal. It achieves the desired growth effectively and explosively, thanks to healthy components that have the ability to promote body development. Get a dose of essential amino acids such as leucine and numerous BCAA's. It also has adaptogenic ingredients that increase physical resistance, such as kudzu root, muira puama and rhodiola rosea. These components also have the ability to reduce catabolic stress and also improve sexual performance in male physiology.

Facts of Animal M-Stak by Animal

  • Promotes increased protein synthesis
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Promotes growth processes
  • Ideal for counteracting catabolism
  • Helps achieve natural growth
  • Benefits muscle recovery
  • Contributes to an increase in energy
  • Excellent for overcoming plateaus or plateaus in training

Animal M-Stak from Animal is a wonderful supplement that will help you gain muscle with natural ingredients. It uses flavones, sterones, adaptogens, and natural stimulants to aid in amino acid synthesis, increase energy, and prevent catabolism. Consume it to recover faster and overcome undesirable plateaus in your training. It is an indisputable help for those who have trouble gaining muscle mass.

Recommended use: take one sachet per day for 3 weeks, then take a week off. In the training stage, take every half hour before exercising. On days when you rest, consume on an empty stomach between meals.


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