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Animal Cuts by Animal is a food supplement containing metabolic, thyroid, nootropic and stimulant complexes that support physical activity under normal conditions.

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    Animal Cuts by Animal is a food supplement that offers a synergistic combination of complexes that support physical activity during training, within normal parameters. Includes a stimulating complex with anhydrous caffeine, cola nut, guarana, yerba mate and raspberry extract.

    In the same way, it has a metabolic complex that provides green tea extract, oolong tea, black tea, coffee bean extract, and white tea. Includes dandelion, nettle, burdock, owl, juniper berry and celery seed. To this must be added the extracts of gotu kola, choline and bacopa monnieri that are part of the nootropic complex. It also has complex cortisol inhibitors and thyroid precursors, among others.

    Characteristics of Animal Cuts (Animal)

    • Contains exclusive high-quality complexes that support physical activity.
    • They are suitable for adult athletes of both sexes.

    Ingredients of Animal Cuts of the animal brand

    Animal Cuts by Animal comes in a format that contains 42 food supplement packs.

    Each pack has the following specifications:

    • Provides 750 mg of the Stimulant Complex (caffeine anhydrous, kola nut seed, yerba mate and raspberry extract).
    • It has 750 mg of the Metabolic Complex (green tea leaf extract, oolong, black tea, coffee bean extract, white tea extract).
    • Contributes 350 mg of Thyroid Complex (tyrosine, olive leaf extract, Salvia officinalis leaves.
    • It has 800 mg of Water Shedding Complex (dandelion, nettle, burdock, owl, juniper berry, celery seed).
    • Offers 500 mg of Nootropic Complex (gotu kola, choline, bacopa monnieri)
    • Contains 300 mg of Cortisol Inhibiting Complex (ashwagandha, panax ginseng, phosphatidylserine, magnolia bark).
    • Provides 300 mg of CCK Complex (Gymnea Sylvain, Apple Pectin, Cinnamon Bark).
    • Provides 500 mg of Bioavailability Complex (ginger root, cayenne, grapefruit, quercetin, narangin, black pepper extract).

    Animal Cuts RDA

    • Take 1 pack a day for 3 weeks.
    • Consume 1 upon awakening
    • Intersperse with 1 week off.


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