Anabolic Masster – 2.2Kg + GIFT


Anabolic Masster from AMIX Nutrition is a new macro formula, all in one, with high quality protein and carbohydrates that makes it unique among weight gainers. It is specially designed to contribute to the supplementation of athletes, enthusiasts and professionals to increase performance.


Anabolic Masster from Amix Nutrition, the matrix you were looking for to recover and perform at your best in a professional way.

Anabolic Master from Amix Nutrition It is an All-in-One product (ALL-IN-ONE) that includes proteins and carbohydrates of very high quality and fast absorption, creatine monohydrate, antioxidants, branched amino acids BCAA, L-glutamine, vasodilators and strength enhancers. The high composition of elements makes it a versatile and effective product to withstand any physical demand. The All-In-One formula tells us that it is made up of everything necessary to preserve lean mass, promote performance, help speedy recovery after training and proper muscle pumping.

Anabolic Master from Amix Nutrition Contains a combination of Whey Protein CFM® and WPC Whey Concentrate, which include essential amino acids. CFM® whey is a micro-filtering method to achieve maximum absorption of pure protein by the muscle walls for rapid recovery of muscles and fatigue. It also contains WPC whey concentrate with a high purity and biological value. BCAAs from protein help support muscles during the most intense exercises during a training session.

Anabolic Master from Amix Nutrition It has a perfect formulation of carbohydrates that are patented, such as Palatinose® and Vitargo®.These patented carbohydrates are responsible for providing more bioavailability when it comes to delivering strength and explosiveness in intense training. In addition, to count on a good dose of creatine monohydrate per service, and taurine, which enhances your resistance and strength to the maximum. It is a product that regulates fat-free muscle growth and recovers muscle fibers.

Facts of Anabolic Masster from Amix Nutrition

  • Macro formulation of proteins and carbohydrates
  • All-In-One Product, which gets everything you were looking for
  • Contains CFM whey of the highest quality and purity
  • Patented carbohydrates for greater absorption of these
  • Greater resistance
  • BCAA and essential amino acids
  • strength enhancer
  • Increases vasodilation
  • Promotes rapid recovery
  • rich delicate flavor

Anabolic Master from Amix Nutrition Get all the necessary resources to be prepared in the best way on your training days. Athletes and professionals who have a high rate of training benefit from an all-in-one product that by service is responsible for delivering the highest quality of proteins and carbohydrates to recover the body after exercise. Its veracity of results for fat-free muscle recovery is scientifically proven. It is formulated with the best flavor to enjoy your stays in the gym.

recommended use : as a dietary supplement, take 1 serving of 50 grams with 200 ml of water or skimmed milk 1 hour before and 1 hour after training.

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