Anabolic Amino 9000 – 300 Tablets


Anabolic Amino 9000 from Olimp Sport is an incredible dietary supplement that contains a revolutionary combination of whey protein and chicken protein. Strengthens your body so you can perform a more intense workout. In the same way it is excellent to improve your nutrition and increase your energy for a very active lifestyle.

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Anabolic Amino 9000 from Olimp Sport combines whey protein and chicken protein to give you an incredible level of energy and endurance. It is perfect for athletes and very active people!

Anabolic Amino 9000 from Olimp Sport is a really unique protein supplement that you need to have a higher level of energy and a much greater capacity for physical resistance.

It has been made by combining whey protein and chicken whey protein, which are premium sources of amino acids. Includes L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine that support protein synthesis and prevent catabolism. Although they also include a broader range of amino acids, which offer superior fortification. The chicken protein hydrolyzate used in this supplement increases the levels of L-arginine, L-alanine and L-proline, among other highly relevant nutrients.

You have to check the incredible strengthening action of Anabolic Amino 9000 from Olimp Sport. You will have a high level of L-glycine that is involved in the assimilation of proteins and L-alanine that improves glucose synthesis, which prevents the possibility of suffering from muscle catabolism. It will also provide you with L-arginine that promotes the production of nitric oxide in the body, which is essential to increase blood flow. This provides an influx of oxygen, glycogen, and other nutrients to the muscles, doubling their capacity and endurance.On the other hand, L-proline also improves the synthesis of amino acids, in addition to being involved in the regeneration and repair of injuries and various wounds.

You need to have Anabolic Amino 9000 from Olimp Sport to quickly exceed the expectations of a demanding workout. You will not have to worry about maintaining a complete level of amino acids, since this supplement provides you with a really wide aminogram. Your body will have everything it needs to rebuild your tissues, and achieve really strong and lasting growth. In the same way, your resistance will increase, and you will be able to maintain the physical development that you have achieved, without fear of any kind of setbacks. In addition to this, it is an excellent nutritional supplement for anyone who wants to improve their body in the performance of a very active lifestyle.

Properties of Anabolic Amino 9000 from Olimp Sport

Specifications for each 1 supplement tablet:

  • Contains 261 mg of L-glutamic acid.
  • It has 141 mg of L-leucine.
  • Provides 161 mg of L-aspartic acid.
  • Contributes 128 mg of L-lysine.
  • Provides 173 mg of L-proline.
  • It offers 76 mg of L-valine.
  • Includes 67 mg of L-isoleucine.
  • Contains 69 mg of L-threonine.
  • It has 136 mg of L-alanine.
  • Provides 69 mg of L-serine.

Anabolic Amino 9000 from Olimp Sport is a nutritional supplement that will undoubtedly strengthen your energy, in sports or in daily life. Check out the powerful effects of this combination of whey protein and chicken protein that will provide you with an incredible aminogram.

Recommended use: its consumption should vary according to body volume. It must be as follows:

  • Up to 70 kg, 6 tablets in 2 doses of 3 units each.
  • From 70 kg to 90 kg, 9 tablets in 3 doses of 3 units each.
  • From 90 kg to 105 kg, 12 tablets in 3 doses of 4 units each.
  • More than 105 kg, 15 tablets in 3 doses of 5 units each.


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