Amylopectin – 2Kg


Vitobest Amylopectin is a food supplement that contains top quality Amylopectin, a fast assimilation carbohydrate, produced by Cargil™. It is the best on the market. It is consumed to restore liver and muscle glycogen stores.

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  • What is VitoBest Amylopectin taken for?
  • Why buy Amylopectin?
  • How is Amylopectin taken?
  • Biography / Scientific studies
  • VitoBest Amylopectin

    • It is a food supplement that provides 100% Waxy Maize amylopectin from the Cargil™ formula, recognized as the best on the market. It is a carbohydrate that is rapidly assimilated in the body.

    what is it taken for VitoBest Amylopectin?

    • It is consumed to restore muscle and liver glycogen, in order to improve performance during training and recovery after it.
    • It is consumed by all kinds of athletes, especially in physically very demanding disciplines.

    Why buy Amylopectin?

    • It contains the amylopectin produced by Cargil™, which has a molecular weight that ranges between 10 million and 1,000 million. It also has a low osmolarity.
    • It is 100% pure and has no sweeteners or other carbohydrates, since its formulation is neutral.
    • It can be consumed together with proteins, or any other type of hydrate.
    • It is suitable for celiac people.
    • It has a fast assimilation in the organism.

    how do you take Amylopectin?

    • Dissolve 50 g (1 scoop) in water.
    • Drink one dose before and another right after training.

    Biography / Scientific studies

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