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Amino Magic from Scitec Nutrition is a sports supplement based on amino acids, both branched-chain and non-essential. It has 11 components that include Bioperine®, Narginine and L-carnitine, in addition to being sugar-free. Use it for constant energy and increased performance during training.

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Amino Magic from Scitec Nutrition, a complete formula of amino acids, for better performance and greater muscle growth. Great for all kinds of activities!

Amino Magic by ScitecNutrition is a sports supplement that contributes to your nutrition with branched-chain amino acids and select amino acids. It has 11 supplements that include L-carnitine, Naringin and Bioperine®, plus they have been sweetened with dietary sweeteners.

Consume it to obtain more toning and muscle growth, as well as greater resistance when doing your exercise routine. Its composition gives you what you need to strengthen your body and to recover quickly from injuries. It also contributes active components that reduce fatigue and allow you to train for longer. Excellent to complement the diet you follow during your training.

The ingredients of Amino Magic from Scitec Nutrition They have been chosen to provide you not only with protein. They are also responsible for increasing your power and energy. They contain Arginine, which promotes the production of nitric oxide, which is essential for those moments when you must use more strength. It also contributes to your metabolism Taurine that increases your vitality, in addition to promoting an excellent state of mind and mental clarity. In the same way, it offers a greater volume in the muscular tissues, through more hydration and a more effective protein synthesis. These properties are excellent for gaining muscle and also for increasing performance in any discipline.

Despite not being an essential amino acid, L-glutamine is also present in Amino Magic from Scitec Nutrition. It is responsible for regulating the level of protein synthesis in the body, in addition to acting as an anti-inflammatory during the recovery period. It also provides ornithine and lysine, which help to have a restful sleep and also promote effective and rapid recovery. Its properties improve and strengthen the muscular structure of your body. Bioperine® and Naringin are ingredients specially created for this supplement, in order to benefit the assimilation of its virtues and also to increase its effects on the body.

Properties of Amino Magic from Scitec Nutrition

  • Promotes protein synthesis
  • Boost muscle growth
  • Reduces the manifestation of fatigue
  • Contribute more energy
  • Increases endurance capacity
  • Accelerates and improves physical recovery
  • Prevents future development of injuries

Amino Magic from Scitec Nutrition is a sports supplement that will provide you with all the amino acids you need. Boost the growth of your muscles and increase your vitality and energy. Its full dose of amino acids prevents the possibility of suffering from catabolism. This contributes also improves your recovery capacity and also strengthens your entire muscular structure.

Recommended use: dilute about 20 grams of the supplement, which is what results from 1 measure and 1/3 of the meter, in half a liter of water. Mix or shake firmly and let stand for a few minutes. Drink before, during or after training to provide the body with amino acids.


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