Amino Hydro-32 – 550 Tablets


Amino Hydro-32 from Amix is ​​a supplement that will provide you with a source of amino acids derived from 100% whey protein hydrolyzate, rich in essential amino acids and BCAA's, which promote a positive nitrogen balance, increasing protein synthesis and decreasing the muscle wear, and in turn, improving performance during training by reducing muscle fatigue.

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Amino Hydro-32 from Amix is ​​the ideal supplement that provides essential amino acids to maintain healthy muscles and improve performance in training.

AminoHydro-32 by Amix is a High Potency Amino Acid formula that provides your body with generous amounts of amino acids derived from premium quality, hydrolyzed, pre-digested whey protein. This supplement is easily absorbed and assimilated by the bloodstream, thanks to its 32% hydrolyzed whey protein. Speed ​​of absorption that is what gives Amix Amino Hydro-32 a clear advantage over other amino acid supplements!

Amix Hydro-32 Amino provides you with an excellent source of BCAAs and Glutamine that work together to preserve your muscle gains. Amino Hydro-32 from Amix derived from whey hydrolyzate is the fastest and most complete assimilation protein since they are pre-digested and the human body does not have to make efforts to absorb them completely. In addition, it contains small peptide combinations of 1 to 10 amino acids that are very quickly assimilated.

Amino Hydro-32 from Amix It is a supplement totally free of fats and sugars and with the nutritional quality that characterizes Amix, the brand that guarantees the best raw materials in all its products. Amix is ​​one of the world's leading sports nutrition brands. The quality it guarantees is unique, since it directly controls and produces its products.In turn, they are designed with complex and advanced scientific formulas, and all products undergo strict quality control.

Properties of Amino Hydro-32 from Amix

  • Helps increase muscle strength
  • Helps improve faster muscle recovery
  • maximum absorption
  • Contains no fat or lactose
  • Does not require any energy to digest them as they are pre-digested and assimilated directly
  • Excellent nutritional quality.

Amino Hydro-32 from Amix It is ideal if you want to increase muscle volume or keep your training pace constant. Amino Hydro-32 from Amix is ​​essential in your diet and as a complement to your training. In its convenient tablet format, it is a nutritional supplement that is easy to take anywhere. In addition, with its whey hydrolyzate formula, it keeps all its nutritional elements intact and is digestive. As a fitness stalwart, you are fully aware that amino acid supplementation is highly beneficial for building muscle mass. With hundreds and hundreds of amino acid products available, it's no easy task to choose which one will deliver the best muscle building results. What are you waiting for? dare to try it now!

recommended use Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 3 tablets three to four times daily between meals or after training. Take with plenty of water.

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