Amino 5600 – 1000 Tablets


Amino 5600 from Scitec Nutrition is a sports supplement that offers you essential and branched-chain amino acids. Get better protein synthesis and therefore greater muscle growth with these tablets made from hydrolyzed whey protein. It also helps you get a quick and very effective recovery.

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Amino 5600 from Scitec Nutrition will give you all the amino acids you need. More energy and endurance, as well as a more complete and faster recovery!

Amino 5600 from Scitec Nutrition is a sports supplement that concentrates 19 essential and branched-chain amino acids, vital units to ensure your muscle growth.

It has been made with hydrolyzed whey protein that is of great biological value. Therefore, by including it in your diet you will get the proteins you need, which are also quickly digested by your digestive system. The consumption of amino acids is what you require to repair the tissues in your body. These tablets reinforce your level of amino acids, without the need to consume an excessive amount of potentially fatty foods. It prevents catabolism from occurring, a process in which you lose body volume.

when consuming Amino 5600 from Scitec Nutrition your body will have better protein synthesis. It will provide you with branched-chain amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own, and that are vital for repairing tissues and making them stronger. These nutrients also improve the healing capacity of the tissues, and reduce the possibility of injury. In the same way it will help you maintain the muscles gained in the long term. And you can count on a boost in the production of nitric oxide, a fundamental molecule for greater circulation and more power during training.

If you want to reduce body overweight, you can also benefit from the virtues of Amino 5600 from Scitec Nutrition. This is due to the fact that muscle strengthening and the increase in toning of your entire body cause the level of fat to go back, to favor lean tissues. These nutrients will also help you fight fatigue by allowing you to prolong your training, a little more each day. Regardless of how demanding your physical training is, you can count on greater resistance and performance. Its high quality amino acids will provide you with optimal nutrition. You will have everything you need to go far in any physical activity.

Properties of Amino 5600 from Scitec Nutrition

  • Promotes increased protein synthesis
  • Improves the recovery period
  • Helps in the production of nitric oxide
  • Benefits weight loss
  • Increases endurance and physical performance
  • Reduces the possibility of injury

Amino 5600 from Scitec Nutriton is what you want to have a really intense workout. It offers you the essential and branched chain amino acids necessary for you to achieve better protein synthesis. In this way your body will have all the necessary material for great toning and muscle growth. It is essential if you run the risk of suffering from catabolism. It will also help you lose weight.

Recommended use: consume 4 tablets a day. It can be before or after training, or before going to sleep.


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