Almond Bomb – 200g


Almond Bomb by Protella is a delicious spreadable cream made with a composition based on 70% toasted almonds, whey protein and cocoa. Ideal to obtain a good dose of energy and include in the preparation of breakfasts and snacks.

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  • What is ProTella Almond Bomb taken for?
  • Why buy Almond Bomb?
  • How do you take Almond Bomb?
  • Biography / Scientific studies
  • Almond Bomb by ProTella

    • It is a delicious high-protein spreadable cream, made with a composition based on 70% toasted almonds, whey protein, cocoa, inulin, shea butter, lecithin, sunflower oil and sweetened with sucralose.

    • The almond is a dry fruit rich in calcium, protein, fiber, iron, phosphorus, healthy fats and vitamins B and E, it also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

    • Whey protein or whey protein is a nutritional supplement that contains a high biological value and is a rich source of minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids that allows the stability and well-being of the body to be maintained.

    • Cocoa is a food that contains a high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, selenium and zinc.
      Inulin is a carbohydrate found naturally in many cereals, fruits and vegetable products such as garlic, artichokes, bananas, leeks and onions.

    • Shea butter is a vegetable-type oil made from the seeds of the shea tree and is a wonderful source of catechins, minerals, and vitamins A, D, E, and F.

    • Lecithin is a completely natural chemical compound made up mainly of fatty acids, glycerol, and choline. It is also found in egg yolks, sunflower seeds, and soy beans.

    • Sunflower oil is an oil of vegetable origin that is extracted by pressing sunflower seeds and has a nutritional value rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A and E.

    what is it taken for Almond Bomb by ProTella

    • Ideal to obtain an extra dose of energy.
    • It allows to promote and maintain a balanced diet.
    • Encourage daily protein consumption.
    • Helps to satisfy your appetite at any time of the day in a healthy and guilt-free way.
    • Perfect for preparing desserts, pancakes and favorite recipes.

    Why buy Almond Bomb?

    • It has a high protein composition and is free from the presence of palm oil and added sugar.
    • Ideal to be consumed by fitness enthusiasts and active people who seek to protect their health and enjoy a delicious healthy and guilt-free snack.
    • It has a smooth and easy-to-spread texture.

    how do you take Almond Bomb?

    • Take the portion to taste of the consumer and spread it on the slice of bread, cake, cookies, cereals or take a spoonful directly from the jar to enjoy a delicious snack.

    Biography / Scientific studies

    • Eliana D, Daniela E. Whey Protein: what is it, what is it for and how to take it. Tuasaude. 2021.


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