All-in-one – 1450g


All-in-one from Lamberts is an excellent nutritional supplement designed for athletes and sportsmen looking to improve their physical resistance as well as their post-workout recovery, with a unique combination of whey protein, minerals, glutamine, BCAAs, carbohydrates and beta alanine to surprisingly effective results.

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All-in-one from Lamberts, powerful fuel for the athletic and muscular development of athletes and sportsmen

Lamberts All-in-one enters the scene as a supplement that includes everything today's athlete needs to maximize physical performance as well as body development.

Combining the benefits of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and creatine, it will offer the person remarkable improvements in terms of lean muscle growth, increased strength and physical endurance, post-workout muscle regeneration, power and energy for more demanding workouts and nutrients. to protect the body from the wear and tear caused by intense physical activities.

With the Lamberts All-in-one you can enjoy more intense and prolonged training sessions, allowing you to see real results from the first week of use, stimulating totally clean lean muscle gain and superior muscle definition. One of its most attractive features is the optimization of the use of oxygen in the body, notably delaying the onset of muscle fatigue.

Supplements are an important part of the diet of any athlete, bodybuilder, sportsperson or physically active person who seeks to improve both their performance and their physique, allowing both increasing factors to be brought together, that is, combining muscle gain with the necessary power. to work them properly through training.That is why the American brand Lamberts presents its new All-in-one, an incredible protein formula designed specifically for people who love sports and physical activity, thus allowing them to rise and meet all expectations in terms of physical performance. , muscle building and trainability are concerned.

Through a unique combination of the best proteins, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and creatine, the Lamberts All-in-one will be the ideal ally for you to reach a new level of improvement in performance, volume and physical definition, where you will be able to train as you do. want with the assurance that your body will respond appropriately, no matter how intense the workout.

Properties of the Lamberts All-in-one

  • Incredible protein formula that combines numerous nutrients
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Improves strength, endurance and physical energy
  • Improves protein synthesis in the body
  • Inhibits the onset of muscle fatigue
  • Prevents muscle catabolism
  • Blocks the action of free radicals

With Lamberts All-in-one you will not need any other product to discover and take advantage of the full potential of your body, improving it and allowing you to reach new levels of physical performance and muscle development.

recommended use: Mix 65 grams (two scoops) in 400ml of water or skimmed milk, take one shot when training, and 2 if you are training with high intensity.


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