ALA – 60 Capsules


ALA is a powerful natural antioxidant in the body that acts as a protector against toxins and free radicals, as well as giving cell membranes support to preserve them in a better state and prevent damage. It is not a synthetic nor does it contain chemicals.

Ala de MTX Elite Nutrition is a magnificent and very effective natural antioxidant, which counteracts toxins and free radicals, protecting cells from possible conditions. Wing of MTX Elite Nutrition also known as the universal antioxidant, is not synthetic or chemical and is especially recommended for athletes, sportsmen and physically very active people.


ALA, reinforces the antioxidant power of your body with the best natural option on the market.

TO is alpha lipoic acid, in its acronym in English (ALA: Alpha Lipoic Acid), is a complex coenzyme that has a large number of functions in the body, but mainly acts as a powerful antioxidant that can be decisive in the general health of the body. body, and as well as to eliminate free radicals and toxins that can be lodged during the day. Alpha lipoic acid is very popular because it is water-soluble and fat-soluble at the same time, having good versatility in its solubility, since it can be soluble in water as well as in fats. It also regenerates other antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E. Therefore, when your body runs out of these antioxidants, ALA helps to replenish them.

TO It is a great support for daily food supplementation, since it helps preserve the amounts of antioxidants that the body already has, in addition to that, it stimulates the generation of these, to reinforce the enzymatic system and load the body with protection against free radicals. Free radicals are chemical species that, although they are produced by the body to fight against the negative action of bacteria and viruses, tend to become a danger to the skin and the body, because they introduce oxygen into the cells, producing their oxidation.

TO prevents cell damage, reduces the causes of disease and promotes rejuvenation. Its rapid absorption facilitates the metabolization of sugars to use them as an energy source.It is a great support for the protection of the liver, and helps it to carry out its functions in a correct way. The functions of the liver of detoxification, synthesis and filtration of toxins are optimized with a daily consumption of ALA, as a dietary supplement in the main meal. It acts like insulin in the body.

ALA Properties

  • Powerful natural antioxidant
  • Daily protection against free radicals and toxins
  • Improvement in liver functions
  • Helps promote antioxidants organically
  • Fast absorption and greater bioavailability
  • Top quality product
  • Treatment against premature aging
  • healthy food supplement
  • Without any synthetic and chemical

TO It is a necessary product for the care of the body and to help shield it against intoxication that can be generated by many factors, food and environmental. Premature aging and organ deterioration due to old age can be attacked with the best choice of antioxidants, which defend our health. Being aware of your body and keeping it in an optimal state with the best natural option is the best investment you can offer yourself.

recommended use Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule daily with a main meal.

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